Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 5 “Heat” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with Nick texting his dad to remind him about their plans to meet. Nick’s dad is yet to reply to his other messages and Nick is a bit disappointed. He then gets a text from Charlie summoning him to the bathroom. 

Charlie immediately shows him his hickey and Nick apologizes. Charlie asks if anyone would notice and Nick admits it is noticeable. Honestly, anyone can see it from miles away! Charlie assures Nick that he liked the experience and he won’t tell anyone who gave him the hickey.

Tao walks in on them and sees the hickey. He is about to give Nick a piece of his mind when someone knocks on the door. He opens it to find Elle; she is there to remind them that it is time for breakfast. Tao gets so flustered as he is shirtless and quickly locks the door. Elle likes what she sees and can’t help but blush and smile. 

They head down for breakfast and everyone is talking about the hickey. They all want to know who gave Charlie a hickey. Charlie loses his appetite and Nick packs some croissant for him. Nick has noticed that Charlie has barely eaten food during the trip and wants to take care of him. 

Meanwhile, Harry continues to bring up the hickey and makes fun of Charlie, asking how he got it. Rumour has it that it is the handiwork of James as he is the other openly gay kid in the group. Others claim it was some French guy at the hotel. James tries to clarify it wasn’t him but no one pays him any attention. Ben watches the drama and silently continues to sulk.

The students head out to the Eiffel Tower and are asked to translate some French vocabulary before climbing the tower. Ben and Nick are placed in one team and Mr Farouk refuses he listen to Ben’s complaints. As Nick fills in the answers, Ben admits he still believes he has a chance with Charlie. He feels Nick brainwashed Charlie and stole him. Nick is too stunned to speak as Ben accuses him of ruining his relationships with Imogen and Charlie. 

In the meantime, Elle sneaks a few glances at Tao. James asks Charlie if James was the one who gave him a hickey. He admits that he likes Isaac and Charlie gives him his word; it wasn’t Isaac. Tara tries to talk about her love confession with Darcy but hits a hard wall so she gives up. 

They later start their ascend of the Eiffel Tower and it proves to be quite the task. Luckily, they all manage to get to the top. They take photos and some boys continue to tease Nick and Charlie. Nick counters back asking if they are jealous of them. They are surprised when Harry comes to their defense. Charlie starts to worry that people will connect the dots and Nick will get outed.

Nick realizes he missed his dad’s phone call and unsuccessfully tries to reach him back. Meanwhile, Tao starts to feel insecure about his friendship with Elle and his worth. He blames himself for accidentally outing Charlie and not being good enough for Elle. Charlie reminds him that it’s not his fault he got outed and he has proven to be an amazing friend. He also advises Tao to have more self-confidence.

The group then moves to the Louvre and they spend time taking photos and admiring the art. Nick admits to Elle that he doesn’t understand art and she tells him one doesn’t need to understand to enjoy it. Nick likens the situation to how one doesn’t need to understand his/her emotions but can feel them. This helps Elle gather up her courage to embrace her feelings for Tao.

She grabs him and pulls him away from the group. They end up sitting in a secluded area and he admiringly watches her draw. Elle accidentally kisses Tao and immediately pulls back, thinking it is a mistake. However, Tao pulls her back for more kisses and she willingly gives in. 

On the other side, Tara and Darcy get into a fight after Darcy’s mom sends her a message. Tara is taking pictures using Darcy’s phone and is surprised by how quickly Darcy grabs it from her when the message appears. She asks Darcy why she never talks about her parents or lets her meet them. She has also never been to Darcy’s home. Darcy denies she is hiding something and the conversation turns back to how she never responded after Tara’s confession. 

As the group continues to explore the Louvre, Charlie faints in Nick’s arms. By the time the teachers arrive, they find he has regained consciousness. Charlie explains that it is probably because he didn’t eat enough mixed with the heat. Nick offers him the croissant and sandwich he packed for him. 

A worried Nick asks Charlie to be honest with him as to why he barely eats food.  Charlie explains he has trouble eating and it started after the bullying last year. He feels like eating is the only thing he can control in his life. He apologizes and Nick makes him promise to tell him when he is stressed and losing his appetite. 

After eating the sandwich, Nick and Charlie continue to explore the Louvre. Nick gets a call from his dad, who schedule their meeting in 20 minutes. Charlie finds Nick’s French accent hot and they talk about Nick’s dad. Nick opens up about the estranged relationship with his dad. He feels like his dad barely makes an effort to know him. Nick was hoping to introduce Charlie to his dad. Charlie suggests they leave the Louvre and try to meet Nick’s dad. 

They quickly rush to meet Nick’s dad at a cafe across town as planned.

The Episode Review

Ben is delusional if he truly believes Nick stole Charlie from him. First, he should understand that Charlie is a human being, not a property. Secondly, Nick is not at fault and where does Ben get off blaming him for his mistakes?

Meanwhile, Tara has valid reasons to question Darcy’s behaviour. It might be that Darcy is not close with her parents or has a secret she is keeping. Tara will have to wait until Darcy is ready to open up to her but, it is sad because Darcy’s actions are hurting her. 

We finally get to hear more about Nick’s dad and, he certainly is not winning Dad of the Year any time soon. Let’s hope he will not be like David and go on a  homophobic rant when Nick comes out to him. 

Lastly, it looks like Charlie might have developed an eating disorder after all the bullying he underwent last year. He really should look into the matter and seek help.

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