Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 4 “Challenge” Recap & Review



Episode 4 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with the kids showing up to school ready for their Paris trip. Excitement is in the air and everyone has high expectations of the trip. Nick asks Charlie if he is truly okay with keeping it low key and the latter thinks it will be fun to be a secret again. They start a challenge to see who will initiate a kiss first during the trip. They also decide to sit separately inside the bus and Nick ends up sitting with Tao while Charlie sits with Isaac. 

Things between Elle and Tao are still breezy while Tara and Darcy are also slightly off. Darcy is doing her best to avoid talking about Tara’s love confession. Meanwhile, Isaac wonders if he might have feelings for James and asks Charlie how he knew he liked Nick.

Tao is surprised to learn Nick is fluent in French when he overhears him talking to his dad on the phone. Nick shares that his dad is French and lives in Paris. He is hoping to reconnect with him during the trip.  

They finally arrive in Paris and check into their rooms. Charlie, Tao, Nick and Isaac end up sharing a room. Unfortunately, Nick and Charlie are unable to share a bed. Tara, Darcy, Elle and another girl share a room too. The two teachers, Mr Farouk and Mr Ajayi, also share one hotel room. Even though they can’t share a bed, Charlie and Nick fall asleep holding hands. 

The next morning, Tao offers Elle a  bottle of her favourite juice as a token of his apology. She finds it endearing and is no longer mad at him.  Charlie and Nick are able to sneak in a few sweet moments in their room after Tao and Isaac leave. They share their disappointment over not sharing a bed. Before they can kiss, Darcy and Tara interrupt them.

After breakfast, the students are set free to explore Montmartre. They are advised to stick in groups and meet at the same spot at 5pm. Throughout the trip, Ben keeps treating Imogen badly as he has trouble hiding his jealousy over Charlie. 

Charlie’s group mischievously collide to bring Elle and Tao together. They allow them to go alone to visit the Musée de Montmartre. This gives Elle and Tao a chance to work out their issues. They agree to be friends and apologize to each other. They end up having a great time and enjoy each other’s company.

The rest of the group remains intact while Charlie and Tara have some free time to discuss their relationship as their significant others get them ice cream. Tara admits she worries whether Darcy loves her and what she is hiding. Charlie claims he is happy with Nick but he is jealous of Tara and Darcy’s public relationship. She advises him to be patient and eventually Nick will be ready.

She confesses to being jealous of how well Nick and Charlie communicate. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is surprised to learn Nick is French.

Later, the gang reunites with Tao and Elle and is suspicious if they truly decided to be friends. Imogen gets tired of Ben’s attitude and joins them. Elle listens to her vent about Ben and questions if she likes him. Imogen changes the subject to Elle and Tao, advising her to be honest so as to not regret it later. 

Night rolls by and the students and teachers come together at a restaurant to have dinner. Ben sits next to Charlie and tries to start a conversation. Imogen has enough and breaks up with him in front of everyone in the middle of dinner. She points out that Ben has an obsession with Charlie and she is done being treated as a side thought. Ben is angered by the outburst and tries to turn the tables on her, but everyone sides with Imogen instead.

Nick and Charlie check up on Imogen and she asks if Charlie dated Ben, but he doesn’t answer her. She says it is no longer important and they hug and comfort her. 

Later, Tao confides in Nick that he is okay with being friends with Elle. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and worries he is not enough for her. Nick assures him that he is more than enough and should appreciate himself more. 

Soon, after Tao and Isaac leave to get snacks from the vending machine, Nick and Charlie have some privacy. Nick posts another photo of himself with Charlie on Instagram. Charlie is pleased and they start kissing. This time Nick accidentally gives Charlie a hickey. 

The Episode Review

The Paris trip ended up disappointing a few people. Nick and Charlie were hoping for some privacy, but that proved to be harder than they thought. Tara is yet to hear the assurance she was hoping Darcy would give. Tao and Elle settled to being friends while Imogen and Ben called it quits, however, it does feel like this was for the best. 

It is good to see things get cosy between James and Isaac though, as they would make a cute couple. 

We also finally know more about Nick’s dad. We can’t wait to see more of their relationship in the next episode when they meet.  Hopefully, our questions about him will be answered. 

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