Heartstopper – Season 2 Episode 3 “Promise” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Heartstopper Season 2 begins with Tao, Charlie and Isaac brainstorming about how to create the perfect date for Elle. Isaac worries that Tao is overthinking but Tao argues the fate of his friendship depends on the outcome of the date. In all honesty, it can be unnerving to move from friends to lovers. It is risky business and Tao has every right to freak out!

Meanwhile, a few of Charlie’s rugby friends try to reconnect with him. They apologize for not standing up for him against Harry. Nick accepts their apology but finds it hard when they refer to him and Charlie as good mates. 

He confesses to Charlie that he wants to tell some of his rugby friends but doesn’t know where to start. As always, Charlie is supportive and encourages him to do what makes him comfortable. They start kissing and are caught by Coach Singh, who summons Nick to her office. 

She shares that she understands his position as she has been there before with her wife. She offers her support for Nick and worries it is why he has been distant from his fellow teammates. Nick clarifies that the other boys are still in the dark and she urges him to refrain from kissing his boyfriend during team practice. 

Charlie is yet to finish his History coursework but opts to help Nick revise for his Chemistry exam. He lies to Nick that he is done with his essay. 

In the meantime, Issac and James bond at the library while Tao researches more about planning a first date. He decides to cut his hair short and shows up later at school with a new haircut and flowers, dressed to the nines. 

This time Nick’s exam goes well and Charlie rushes to finish his essay on time. They later get together and celebrate being free to see each other now that the exams are over. Mr Farouk orders those signed up for the Paris trip to stay behind and they are joined by the girls from Higgs Girls School. Everyone is excited about all the possibilities the Paris trip has to offer. However, Tara is feeling down after Darcy failed to say she loves her back. 

After the meeting, Tao asks Elle on a date and confesses he likes her romantically. She admits she feels the same and agrees to go on a date. They go on a movie date and it is fairly awkward. Tao tries too hard to cater to Elle’s tastes and she worries he is not having fun and is turning into someone else to please her.

Elsewhere, the kids attend Harry’s party to celebrate the end of exams. Charlie notices Nick looks sick but he insists he is fine. They get separated at the party and spend most of the time looking for each other. Tori makes Nick promise to find and take care of Charlie. Nick also spends most of the night trying to get the courage to come out to his rugby friends, but the timing is off. 

Tara also misses Darcy, who fails to show up at the party. She wonders if it has anything to do with her love confession earlier but is too afraid to ask. Tao and Elle show up after their date and get into a fight as Tao gets jealous she invited Naomi and Felix. Charlie tries to comfort him while Naomi and Felix let Elle vent to them.

By the time Nick and Charlie find each other, Nick’s condition has gotten worse and they end up going home. Nick worries he has let Charlie down but the latter is okay. He insists that he doesn’t have to come out if he is not ready. They agree to go to Paris as secret boyfriends. Charlie admits he wants to tell others about them but he can wait. Nick falls asleep as Charlie shares his feelings. 

The Episode Review

It is refreshing to see how Charlie was clear that Nick owes no one an explanation about his sexuality and doesn’t need to come out until he is comfortable. They communicated really well and this is a message most people need to hear. It takes time to come to terms with sexual orientation and there is no perfect time to come out. 

It is also nice to see that Nick is trying and evaluating Charlie’s feelings throughout this process. Hopefully, he will get comfortable to come out and they can date publicly. 

As for Tao and Elle, this is a minor hiccup and they will overcome it. They need to communicate more, and so do Tara and Darcy. It looks like a new couple is looming, do you think James and Isaac like each other?

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