Heartstopper – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Heartstopper Season 1 begins this finale with Charlie struggling to get through to Tao. He’s not returning any of Charlie’s messages after their fight last episode.

Charlie blames himself for what’s happened, and as he pounds his drum set, it’s actually Tori who lends a helpful ear. Charlie believes he’s ruining people’s lives but his big sister throws her arms around him and hugs Charlie tightly, pointing out that he hasn’t ruined her life.

At school, Tao still isn’t talking to Charlie, despite them being sat together in class. Harry has been suspended for fighting while the school preps itself ready for the big sports day. Wanting to spend time with Tao and unsure what else to do, Charlie decides to quit the rugby team, wracked in guilt.

Who helps talk Tao around?

Outside, Tao receives some inspirational words from an unlikely source – Nick. He points out that Charlie really cares for Tao and values his opinion, which explains why he waited to broach the subject of their relationship to him.

When Tao admits he’s feeling a lot of negative emotions, Nick jokingly suggests he join the rugby team. And that suggestion goes down like a lead balloon.

Sports day looks set to go ahead but Charlie, deciding to try and isolate from everyone, slumps into Mr Ajayi’s classroom. However, the teacher pushes back and encourages him not to push everyone away and to embrace his friends.

Charlie takes this advice to heart and heads outside where he finds Tao about to take part in a gruelling 200m sprint. He has to compete given it’s sports day and this is the last event left. Thankfully Charlie comes to the rescue and saves him, taking his place in the sprint and winning the race. He breezes past Ben but after the race, while his ex lover is sprawled out on the grass, he tells Ben to leave him alone and not to take out his frustrations over his sexuality on him.

Do Charlie and Tao patch up their differences?

After the race, Tao and Charlie finally patch up their differences and hug it out in a really touching moment. The pair apologize for what’s happened between them, properly burying the hatchet.

As all the other students start getting involved in their various events, Elle and Tao sneak away and decide to look at their old classrooms. Or, more specifically, the art class. While they sit together, sparks begin to fly as their romance is teased.

Does Nick finally embrace his true feelings?

The big rugby match goes ahead but just before taking the final kick of the match, Nick drops the ball and rushes across the whole field, all the way to Charlie. Nick holds Charlie’s hand and decides to leave. As he does, Imogen finally understands.

Nick takes Charlie inside and tells him he doesn’t want to break up. Nick doesn’t care about the fights and losing his “friends” as long as it means that they’ll be together. Charlie believes he’s sincere and the pair kiss passionately in the hallway.

How does Heartstopper Season 1 end?

Finally accepting that they’re together, Charlie and Nick head off into the sunset, taking photos and chilling on the beach. As they do, Nick contemplates whether to come out, properly.

Nick is definitely bisexual and he’s okay with that. He wants to tell the people who matter too. As they hug, Nick and Charlie properly announce themselves as boyfriends.

After having a great day together, Nick sits down with his mum and comes out to her. He admits that Charlie is his boyfriend. Nick also reveals that he’s bisexual. As the pair hug, we get a beautiful montage through Nick and Charlie’s time together.

The Episode Review

Anyone else have a smile plastered on their face for the last 10 minutes of this episode? What a great way to finish this sweet romantic tale. It’s testament to the power of writing that these two can sustain these 8 episodes and keep things incredibly watchable without the writers needing to drop into all the usual teen cliches.

There’s already a saturated market full of dramas like that, pedalling a cocktail of drugs, sex and crazy love triangles. It’s refreshing to find a show like Heartstopper not doing that. Sure, there’s still parties and bullies, but there’s a much more consistent feel to this one that echoes that seen in some of the Thai dramas involving same sex couples.

The story is well worked across the 8 episodes and the ending certainly leaves things open with the possibility of a follow-up season or two. Judging by how this one ends, there’s a suitable resolution if this is cancelled but I don’t know about you guys but I’d love to see more of these two characters together.

Ultimately, Heartstopper concludes its season with a great finale, one that rounds out all of its characters in a satisfying way.

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