Heart of Invictus: Where is the US Veteran Gabriel “Gabe” George now?

What happened to Gabe George?

Gabriel “Gabe” George grew up alongside his brother Justin in the heart of Texas. He had a rough childhood though, including traumatic encounters with his mother’s various partners over the years.

Within Heart of Invictus, Gabe discusses how one of the men choked Gabe before walking out, only to see the pain of his mother rushing after her boyfriend rather than caring for her own son, broke him.

This ongoing abuse, and belief that he could only rely on himself, prompted Gabe to join the US Navy in 2004. He spent two years on ship and served at Guantanamo Bay.

In April 2008, he was hit by a driver whilst riding his motorbike. After spending three weeks in a coma, Gabe was left with a traumatic brain injury, spinal damage and a paralysed right arm, which required amputation.

Nearly a decade later, Gabe attended a National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic event in California. He realized then he could still engage in sports, including archery.

What do the Invictus Games mean to Gabe?

In his own words, on the People website, Gabe had this to say about the Invictus Games:

“participating in the Invictus Games “added a lot of fuel to my life” and furthered my fire for training others in adaptive sports. Pickleball is my number one sport right now, and I love to share that. It gave me that fire to let me know that this is still what I want to do,” he tells PEOPLE. “And for people that I’ve met that have never competed, have never tried any kind of sport or may have injuries or illness, when I just bring [pickleball] with me somewhere and introduce it, you can see the life come back into them. That is like I’m giving them a piece of Invictus.”

Where is Gabe George now?

Despite his injuries, Gabe maintains a positive outlook on life, thanks in part to the therapeutic diving he’s been conducting alongside Prince Harry whom he likens to “a brother”.

The “One-Armed Archer” competed in the 2022 Invictus Games and is also involved with various organisations, focused on helping other wounded veterans.

Some of this comes from teaching pickleball, which George does for various veterans and active servicemembers the world over. 

For this inspiration man, Gabe believes introducing activities like pickleball is crucial to enhance veterans’ physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. In his own words, Gabe says: “Physical activity is my therapy. Movement is my life.”

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5 thoughts on “Heart of Invictus: Where is the US Veteran Gabriel “Gabe” George now?”

  1. Watched the series in two sessions. Absolutely beautiful and heart-warming documentary that left me close to tears many times.
    The courage and determination of people who have gone through do much mental and physical agony are an inspiration. Well done Invictus/ Prince Harry!

  2. Best Documentary out there hands down, this also shows the humanitarian efforts and love Prince Harry inherited from his mother, he actually uses his status for positive and impowering results for the thousands of damaged veterans….incredible! I witnessed the emotional event in Toronto the Mounted police on their horses creating an isle as the busses arrived and the ramps lowered one by one the veteran athletes came out, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowds..I will never forget it.

  3. I truly enjoyed ” Heart of Invictus” on Netflix. Gabriel “Babe” George narrative was amazing. His determination (even though he experiences almost constant pain) unparalleled dedication was truly amazing to watch. A Hero among humanity. .. I sure all who watched the outstanding courage of this young man were deeply touched. I wonder if there is a way to communicate with him on one of social media sites?

  4. This is a very moving portrayal of what people with physical and mental disabilities can achieve. I sat and watched the series in one sitting and am impressed with the work done by the Invictus Foundation. And of course, Prince Harry.

  5. Loved this series. Uplifting, heartwarming, yet with enough grit to hit home about the multiple costs of war.
    Kudos to the production team and to the inspirational Duke of Sussex, founder of the games.

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