Heart Of Gold – Beautiful Dangerous | Album Review

Track List

To The Blue
Bright Lights
There’s A Difference Between
Leave Just Yet
Something That Lasts Forever
September Sunburn
Backseat Daydream
Bad Habit
And Something That Never Ends
Time Spent Driving



A daring collection, Beautiful Dangerous by Heart Of Gold commits to dark memories, and an eventful, messy existence. The album doesn’t glorify hurt though; it sheds new light on inner conflicts and mental instability.

The musician behind this solo project is Being As An Ocean singer/guitarist Michael McGough who pushes the boundaries of different genres to create something unique here.

Being As An Ocean is primarily a hard rock band, designing songs which hit sternly against the grain, songs that also describe unbearable moments. On this release, the song-writer mixes it up, increasing his ability while making his own musical landscape. He’s certainly a talent, and has shown his adeptness throughout his career.

There are definitely poppy elements on this record though, and it wouldn’t be out of place on the mainstream circuit. McGough has never tasted commercial success though. It could happen now as he steps out of the grittiness but unorthodox brilliance of Being As An Ocean.

The musician’s lyrical ability hasn’t been chipped away at all. Yes, with his band he’s more sombre and his lyrics are more insightful, but with this project he’s also more direct and punchy.

‘To The Blue’ is a vibrant opening. McGough sings with a great tone, and the song keeps building and building to a gratifying crescendo. The stab of pop here adds dexterity.

‘Bright Lights’ shows great promise. The lyrics are dark, and the riff increases interest. McGough sings elegantly and then seethes at times. It’s a diverse track.

‘September Sunburn’ opens slowly, with a fuzzy edge and a direct guitar riff. McGough releases his vocals with energy. He conveys his troubles, and anxiety is taking its toll.

‘Bad Habit’ has a happier beat. McGough seems rejuvenated here, and the chorus showcases his well-toned vocals. It’s a pretty seamless song, with pop underpinnings.

Heart Of Gold aka. Michael McGough has written a well-rounded record that might suit listeners who like the pop aspect of the singer/songwriter’s wheelhouse. He’s certainly shown he can mix it under the pop umbrella, too.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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