Heartbreak High – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Grapes of Voss

Episode 7 of Heartbreak High season 2 starts with Amerie and Harper going to the chemist and buying abortion pills. They nearly run into Amerie’s mom but thankfully make a quick escape. Amerie visits Malakai, but he doesn’t allow her to say anything. He is busy packing and says he is over her drama. He slams the door before she has time to say anything else.

Amerie heads back to Harper’s place and takes the first pill. She reckons she will be fine and make it for the Captain campaign the next day. She texts Rowan to cancel their date, and he leaves her on read. It’s probably because he is angry and thinks she is blowing him off. To make her intentions clear, Amerie sends him some nudes.

Elsewhere, Missy and Spider are doing well. He donated to charity and is working hard to prove he can change. He really likes Missy, but she is uncertain about them.

As for Darren and Ca$h, they make up, but mainly because Darren thinks they are even. They spent two days with Dusky. Ca$h explains to Harper that he is done with Chook and even swears on his Nan. Darren returns home but is acting strange and still angry, which makes Ca$h anxious. Darren lies he was at his mom’s, but we all know he was at Dusky’s.

The next day, Amerie insists she is fine and ready for the debate. She explains to Rowan she was sick and rainchecks on another date. This makes Rowan angry, but he hides it well.

On the other hand, Jojo is surprised when Spider asks for her advice to help him change. She tells him it requires tangible change, and he will do it. He talks to Sasha and says he is contemplating dropping out of the race. It finally dawns on Sasha that Spider is dating Missy. Sasha is baffled and asks Missy to come to her senses. According to her, Missy knows Spider is hopeless, which is part of why they have kept the relationship private.

This conversation leads to a fight between Missy and Spider when he says he is dropping out of the race for her. Missy hurts his feelings when she accuses him of pretending to change. She says she doesn’t want to be with him and dumps him. Of course, Spider doesn’t take this well.

On the other side of the school, Darren comes clean to Ca$h about where he has been the past two days. They clarify that they have not slept with Dusky, but Ca$h is doubtful. He meets with Dusky and confronts him about spending time with his boyfriend. Dusky assures him nothing happened. He, however, says that Darren is struggling to abstain, and Ca$h worries he is being selfish. He cannot give Darren the one thing he wants, making him feel insecure.

As the school prepares for the debate, Amerie starts experiencing painful cramps. Malakai finds her crouched in pain near the school gates and learns she is in the middle of an abortion. Amerie asks him to get Harper, and the three of them leave school and head to Harper’s house. Harper calls a nurse, and she advises Amerie to take the second pill and wait for it to be over.

Back at school, Spider loses his cool during his debate speech, and he and Sasha argue about gender issues. With Amerie missing, Darren and Jojo beg Quinni to step in as Amerie’s vice. Instead of campaigning for Amerie, Quinni shows that all candidates are incompetent and dares the students to vote for innate objects.

At Harper’s house, Amerie tells Malakai the baby is his. Malakai is shocked and sorry for ignoring Amerie the previous night. He thought she wanted to talk about Rowan. Harper and Malakai help Amerie through this painful process. They later sit on the sofa and watch a movie. Malakai says he is okay with Rowan and Amerie dating and gives them his blessing. Rowan watches in the dark as Malakai leaves. He gets angry again as Amerie has been ignoring his messages. He thinks she is back together with Malakai.

The following day, Woodsy announces Quinni won the election. The announcement angers Voss, and he throws a cake on her face. This starts a food fight. During the food fight, Amerie clears the air with Rowan and assures him that she wants to be with him. She explains that Harper and Malakai were helping her with a personal situation. This calms Rowan down, and he throws away the poster he had made with Amerie’s nudes, calling her a slut. Sasha finds the posters inside the trash bin.

After the food fight, Woodsy fires Voss, and he lashes out at her. He also comes for Jojo, saying the SLTS class is turning the girls into man-haters.
Ca$h also returns to school and breaks up with Darren. He claims it is selfish of him to expect Darren to abstain. Darren begs him not to do this, but Ca$h made up his mind. Reeling from the breakup, Darren joins Zoe’s club to learn how not to want sex.

Later, Amerie and Quinni are called into the principal’s office to decide how to settle the election issue. Amerie gives up, and Quinni is declared the new Captain. Quinni is excited, and Amerie tries to be happy for her. However, Quinni doesn’t find the congratulations honest. Amerie blurts out that she missed the debate because she was having an abortion, and Quinni is stunned.

The episode ends with Rowan physically threatening Malakai to stay away from Amerie.

The Episode Review

We are finally one chapter from the finale, and Rowan is showing his true colours. He has been riding like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but his time is running out. If Sasha talks about what she found, everyone will put the pieces together. Amerie will be hurt, as she likes Rowan and is looking for a fresh break after her up-and-down relationship with Malakai.

We would also like to acknowledge the writer’s effort to touch on the issue of abortion. This is a controversial topic for most countries across the world. It was important to show Amerie took the decision and did what was suitable for her. In countries like America, this right has been stripped from women, which is a pity. Women deserve the right to choose what they want for their bodies. It was a bold and empowering move to bring this up, especially in a teenage show.

It would be best if Sasha spoke up instead of Malakai. Otherwise, Amerie might think Malakai is sabotaging her new relationship. Speaking of relationships, why is Ca$h breaking up with Darren? How many times will they go over this? They are ready to call it quits if it gets hard, which is annoying. What happened to fighting for your love?

On the other hand, Missy and Spider need to get it together. They like each other, and it is okay to admit that. Missy can’t live her whole life afraid of being judged by others. Spider is trying his best, and she hurt him with her words. While we get both perspectives, she could have been less mean.

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