Heartbreak High – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Legs Open Hearts Broken

Episode 4 of Heartbreak High season 2 starts with Quinni, Amerie and Darren showing up at school looking fly and ready for the school camp. Amerie is still hang up on everyone in school hating her and is determined to find Bird Psycho. She figures the school camp is the best chance to find the culprit. She is also secretly struggling with Malakai and Rowan’s relationship.

The two are officially public, and it is not easy to see them being all lovey-dovey. She reaches out to Rowan to prove she is fine, but we know she isn’t. It doesn’t help that the other students laugh at her troubled love life.

On the other hand, Malakai and Rowan’s steamy new relationship also affects Darren. They have been sexually starved for a long time as they want to give Ca$h enough time to be ready for intimacy.

As the bus heads to the camp, Sasha hands out condoms as part of her campaign. Missy takes some, and Spider learns she is bisexual. Upon arriving at the camp, the students quickly choose rooms. Sadly, a dead possum leads Jojo to ask Amerie, Quinni and Harper to share a room. The girls are not happy about the situation since Zoe thinks Amerie has turned the school into a sex-horror show.

On the other hand, Amerie and Quinni believe she might be Bird Psycho. They ask Zoe for some privacy and review the evidence Quinni collected. They use Quinni’s phone to record their ” debrief.”

Later that night, the kids meet up in one room and play a naughty game of Never Have I Ever while drinking. As expected, some secrets, such as Ca$h has had anal sex before, are revealed. At the same time, Rowan wonders if Malakai is still in love with Amerie.

After Jojo breaks up the party, Missy and Spider coincidentally meet in the bathrooms. They innocently flirt while applying moisturiser. It is only a matter of time before the sexual tension between these two erupts.

That night, Quinni grows more suspicious of Zoe after finding her searching for something in the dark. Elsewhere, Ca$h tries to be intimate with Darren but is shot down. Darren thinks Ca$h is only being intimate with him out of pity.

The next morning, Jojo asks the students to meet for a mediation session. However, the session is interrupted when Bird Psycho steals Quinni’s phone and connects it to Jojo’s Bluetooth. Amerie is shaking when Bird Psycho plays the audio of her, Harper and Quinni discussing their theories about Bird Psycho. In the recording, Amerie says Malakai can be the creep since he gaslighted her to be casual so he can mess around with Rowan. She adds Ant is too stupid to pull such a thing. Of course, this serves to only rally the students against her.

After failed meditation, Voss has the idea of blindfolding the students and taking them deep into the forest to find their way back to camp. As expected, Jojo is against this, but Voss says the exercise is meant to shape the kids.

Well, the kids get lost, divide themselves into groups and fail to work as a team. Darren finds mushrooms, and the students debate whether they should eat them and how to divide resources. Before they can find a solution, Ant takes some.

Everyone stands by to see if he will have an adverse reaction. However, the mushrooms make Ant as high as a kiteite. After seeing this, the students eat the mushrooms and start hallucinating. Only Quinni remains sober.

While Jojo worries and tries to convince Voss to go back and find the kids, the students spend the night having some wild hallucinations. Malakai starts hallucinating about Amerie while kissing Rowan. Of course, Rowan is hurt and pulls away. Darren and Ca$h have an honest talk and get intimate. Missy and Spider also give in to their mutual attraction and have oral sex.

Meanwhile, Quinni and Amerie interrogate Zoe, and she denies being Bird Psycho. It turns out she is not exactly being honest about abstaining from sex. She stole Amerie’s vibrator and used it on herself.

After one hell of a night, Quinni wakes up the next morning and hears her phone alarm ringing. She follows the sound and is about to discover Bird Psycho’s identity when a snake bites her. Darren is the first to realise she is missing from the group and sounds the alarm. They find her trying to monitor her breathing to slow down the spread of the venom in her body.

Quickly, under Amerie’s leadership, the students organise themselves and give Quinni first aid. Missy suggests they follow the stream, hoping it will lead them to the camp. After walking a few miles, they are rescued by Jojo and first responders. Quinni passes out as she tries while still mumbling about her phone.

The Episode Review

This was one of the most hilarious episodes and entertaining to watch. The kids opted to get high instead of teaming up and finding a way to camp. Watching them hallucinate and talk to trees was so funny. They even had a whole party hallucinating music by themselves. Those mushrooms definitely messed them up. However, we should point out that this is concerning. 

Unfortunately, Quinni was so close to discovering who Bird Psycho was but got bitten by a snake. The mystery continues to the next episode, but we hope she is fine. Voss should have never left the kids alone in the woods. Thank God for Jojo; the rescuers would never have arrived on time.

Seeing Ca$h and Darren communicate and resolve their issues was also lovely. Of all the couples in this show, they are the most serious about each other. Speaking of couples, how will Missy’s hookup with Spider affect her relationship with Sasha?

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