Heartbreak High – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Feelings Pit

Episode 3 of Heartbreak High season 2 starts with the Cumlords doing an activity in the field. Voss asks them to write down their deep feelings on paper and bury them, which is supposed to teach them how to bury their feelings.

Amerie though is unable to bury hers. She confides in Missy and Harper about her relationship status and asks for advice. They tell Amerie that the relationship will end in tears, but our girl is still hopeful. She thinks she just needs to figure out what Malakai is going through, and they will be fine. As expected, she comes up with the terrible idea of unearthing the feelings of the Cumlords buried in the feelings pit.

Elsewhere, Ca$h meets with Woodsy in a park to ask to return to school. Woodsy says it is impossible as she has to think about the other students. Ca$h is bummed but keeps this a secret from Nan and Darren. Other than this secret, Darren and Ca$h are doing well. Obviously, Ca$h chose to leave with Nan and Darren and is working on becoming a better man. He ignores Chook’s multiple calls and gets high. He is a work in progress!

Back in school, Amerie is lagging behind in the campaign trails and is looking forward to winning the campaign fund competition. She and Quinni plan to get handwriting samples after Bird Psycho left a handwritten note in her locker.

Quinni argues it is only a matter of time before they find the culprit and save Amerie’s campaign. However, Amerie has to wow the Sydney Inter-Outer East Women’s Association and get them to fund her campaign. It won’t be easy, as Sasha and Spider are formidable competitors. In fact, Missy and Spider bet against each other and come guns blazing.

On the other hand, Ant helps Harper get a job. These two are getting closer, and it is nice to see their friendship. Unlike these two, Malakai and Rowan are growing distant. Malakai confesses he is still in a situationship with Amerie and asks for time to figure things out. Rowan is all for his journey but doesn’t want to be collateral damage.

While Missy and Spider come for each other’s throats, Amerie talks with one of the women from the association about her relationship. The woman suggests that Malakai is gay, but Amerie is in denial. Concurrently, Malakai has an identity crisis and talks to Darren about his struggle. Darren is happy for him but advises him to come clean to Amerie.

At the end of the day, Spider comes out on top after he rebrands using the low blows Missy shot at him. He is a fine politician in the making! Sasha comes second, and Amerie gets nothing unless you count the 50 cents she found outside.

Night rolls by, and Ca$h drops by Darren’s workplace to pick them up. He runs into Harper, and they clear the air. She is honest about not blaming Ca$h and learns Woodsy denied his request to return to school.

At the same time, Amerie and Quinni get to work uncovering the feelings pit. Amerie finds a note that she believes Malakai wrote. The note says that he wants to forget Amerie. She is hurt and wraps up the digging excursion. Unfortunately, Quinni is unable to complete the handwriting analysis. On the other side of town, Missy starts to have wild sex dreams about Spider. She begins to worry about what these fantasies mean, and during SLTS class, Jojo says it is normal.

The following day, Harper convinces Woodsy to give Ca$h another chance. Woodsy drops by Ca$h’s place and saves him from Chook, who snuck in. Darren is beyond happy to see Ca$h back in school, but the gang’s happiness is short-lived. The Cumlords realise that someone read their feelings and unburied their letters for everyone to see.

It turns out Bird Psycho framed Amerie and even left a picture of her from last night at the crime scene. Of course, the students and teachers fail to believe she is innocent. Malakai uses this opportunity to break up with her. He then quickly approaches Rowan, and once Amerie puts the pieces together, thanks to Quinni, she is hurt.

She feels her life is over after breaking up with Malakai, getting banned from campaigning for two weeks and being forced to apologise to Cumlords. The only thing keeping her going is finding Bird Psycho’s identity. Brace yourselves, Hartley High; a war is coming!

The Episode Review

It was nice that this episode allowed Harper and Ca$h to clear the air. They are both important to Darren, and it is good that they are fixing their relationship. We must admit that Harper has displayed a lot of character development this season. It looks good on her. Ca$h is also a work in progress, and we hope he will get there someday.

We still have no clue who Bird Psycho is, but they are working overtime to mess with Amerie. What did Amerie do to get them so angry at her? We know she is no saint, but the girl is not catching a break this season. Now that she has declared war on Bird Psycho, what are her plans?

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