Heartbreak High – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Heartbreak High season 2 starts with Bird Psycho opening an online thread to troll Amerie. The thread immediately sets tongues wagging at Hartley High. Amerie worries that this will ruin her campaign, so Quinni decides to look into the Bird Psycho case.

On the other hand, Darren keeps ignoring Ca$h’s calls. Amerie advises them to talk to Ca$h and find out the truth. However, Darren worries that Ca$h will get mad whether they ghosts him or accuses him of intentionally planning to assault Harper sexually. At the same time, Chook sends his goons, who are still in prison, to reach out to Ca$h. He wants Ca$h to add him to his visitors list.

Elsewhere, Harper struggles to prepare for her case. Her lawyers think she needs to act more empathetic. She ends up late for school, which starts to worry Woodsy.

During the SLTS class, Jojo is happy most students are still in class. Outside, Voss and his boys are roasting a pig. They ask Rowan to join them, and he does. Things get messy when the SLTS class comes to the field, claiming they had already booked it. Jojo and Voss argue about who gets to use the field. The students also start to debate.

Voss believes that the sports field is and should be more male-dominated. Even Woodsy is unable to find a solution to the conflict. The kids decide to have a game the next day to settle the issue once and for all.

Later, Sasha warns Amerie not to use SLTS as her campaign platform. Malakai finally learns about the viral thread on the internet, and Amerie warns him he will break up with her. She takes Harper’s advice to distract Malakai with sex. However, Malakai seems more concerned about something that happened during the school break. Meanwhile, Quinni is still on the Bird Psycho case and unrelenting.

After school, Amerie and Malakai head to an escape room. Amerie hopes for some naughty alone time with Malakai, but he ends up inviting Rowan. Sadly, Rowan and Malakai bond during the escape adventure, leaving Amerie feeling left out.

Soon, Rowan picks up on the vibes and leaves the couple to be. Amerie and Malakai head home, but the latter refuses to have sex. He says he feels overwhelmed with stuff and abruptly leaves without explaining further. In truth, he is thinking about Rowan more than ever, especially after learning he is gay.

Away from this love triangle, Darren finally visits Ca$h after being confronted by Nan. We love her, and Darren looked so good in Ca$h’s clothes. Unfortunately, Ca$h is hurt when Darren explains their dilemma and ends things. However, Nan gives Darren hope and assurance that Ca$h is a good man at heart.

Elsewhere, Quinni zeroes in on Sasha and confronts her at her place. She even goes through Sasha’s rubbish. Talk about determination to the case! After some serious sleuthing, Quinni realises that Sasha is not a dedicated vegetarian as she claims to be; however, she is not Bird Psycho.

The next day, SLTS and Cumlords get ready for the big match. Amerie and Malakai have a big fight, and he switches teams. The game is intense, but thanks to Spider’s attraction to Missy, he gets distracted, and Cumlords lose the game. Harper also loses her cool after Sasha tries to keep her from playing the game, citing it can be triggering. What is with Sasha this season?

After Harper acts out on the field, Woodsy checks in on her. Harper admits she is dealing with a lot from the case, emancipation, and feeling like a burden. She asks Woodsy to stop babying her. She says she needs good clothes for her court appearance, a car, and space.

Things get worse for Harper when Zoe tries to victim-shame her during the SLTS class later that day. She goes to the infirmary to calm down and apologise to Ant. One thing leads to another, and the two kiss. However, Ant refuses to have sex as he worries that Harper is not ready. At least he learned something from the SLTS class.

As the day rolls by, Malakai asks Amerie to make their relationship casual when she asks to define it. Amerie says it is cool, but she is hurt. To make matters worse, Bird Psycho leaves her a little threatening note in her locker.

While Amerie tries to be there for Harper, who is questioning if she should drop the case, Malakai visits Rowan at his workplace. Amerie advises Harper to follow her heart, and she decides to drop the case. Harper is also happy that Woodsy offers to give her driving lessons.

In prison, Chook visits Ca$h and tries to gaslight him to join the group again. He says everyone will always leave Ca$h behind and never understand. After Harper drops the case, Ca$h is set free. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as he decides whether to get in Chook’s car or Nan’s, who is with Darren. They all came to pick him up.

The Episode Review

First, Zoe needs to take a chill pill and reflect on her wrong statement to Harper. It is inexcusable to blame the victim of sexual assault for the choices her perpetrators made. Harper being sex-positive doesn’t mean she deserves to be assaulted!

Harper’s decision to withdraw the case is a big step, and Amerie has been a great friend this season. It must have not been easy for Harper to make this decision.

On the other hand, we support Malakai in his journey of self-discovery, but he needs to be honest with Amerie. He has our girl Amerie tripping, and she will be more hurt if he keeps this up.

Lastly, we are excited to have Ca$h back, but will he make the wrong decision again?

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