Heartbreak High – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Bird Psycho 

Episode 1 of Heartbreak High season 2 starts with Hartley High being on fire during the formal. In the background, Amerie is narrating about being the hero of our own stories and meeting with a villain. Simultaneously, the students and teachers evacuate the building. Only after they get to safety does the principal, Miss Woodsy, realise that Harley and Amerie are nowhere to be seen. She repeatedly asks if anyone has seen them, but no one answers. 

The scene cuts to the first day of the new term two months earlier. We reunite with our girls, Amerie and Harper. They are excited to return to school, and Amerie has made it her mission to protect Harper. She even made their own pepper spray. 

At school, they meet up with Quinni and Darren. We’ve got to admit, we are excited to have the gang back, too. Everyone is back apart from Dusty and Ca$h. Apparently, Dusty transferred school, and Ca$h is in prison, awaiting trial regarding what happened to Harper. Unfortunately, Spider and some other students blame Harper for what happened. He confronts her as soon as he spots her, and Amerie uses her pepper spray on him. It is ineffective, so she pushes him, and he falls, ruining Zoe’s project. 

Just like that, the girls find themselves in the principal’s office on the first day. Woodsy advises them to find a different solution other than violence. She suggests they try singing as if they are in a musical to calm them down and gives Amerie detention. She asks to speak privately to Harper and offers to help her since she is in the emancipation process. Harper asks her not to treat her differently and is pissed that Woodsy talked to the other teachers about her situation. 

On the other hand, we have a new hottie in school, Rowan. Although his fashion choices are questionable, he comes across as a nice guy. Unfortunately, the students start teasing him after learning he comes from a rural area. As for Sasha, she is actively campaigning to be the next school captain. We also have a new teacher this season.

Voss, the gym teacher, is no stranger to Hartley High. Not only is he an alumnus, he used to teach there before. Rumour has it that he joined a Russian cult, while others say he left to open an Only Fans account. 

As per school tradition, the students take pictures on their first day of the term. They are about to take a school photo when someone announces that Ant is threatening to cut his penis off outside the class. You see, earlier in the day, Ant took a lot of weed gummies, and he started hallucinating and blaming his genitalia for his girl problems. He then had the bad idea of cutting off his genitalia as a solution. Thankfully, Voss saves the day by tackling him before he cuts it off with scissors while the students chant, “Cut it off!”

Following this dramatic event, Woodsy, Jojo, and Voss bring Ant to the infirmary. Jojo tries to talk to Ant about how to process his feelings like they learned in SLTS, but Voss interrupts. According to him, SLTS is emasculating the male students. He starts belting out a song, and Jojo is surprised when Woodsy joins him. Voss says he has a better idea than SLTS, and Woodsy is open to hearing it out.

Elsewhere, Darren gets a call from Ca$h, who is in prison. Their relationship is going well even in these circumstances. Darren is excited that they will finally be able to visit Ca$h in prison, too. They update their boyfriend about the first day of school, and they joke about the other students.

Later, Woodsy teams Malakai with Rowan to help him adjust to the school. She advises Rowan to have a thick skin because students at Hartley are brutal. Speaking of Malakai, he still has feelings for Amerie, who has been avoiding him all morning. However, later in the day, he corners her.

Amerie says she is focusing on protecting Harper and can’t be in a relationship. Nonetheless, she is still attracted to Malakai, and they end up having sex. However, Amerie insists that they can’t be together.

During the SLTS class, Spider loses his patience when Jojo asks the students to paint their feelings. He leads a boycott against the class and walks out. Of course, some students follow him out. 

Meanwhile, Harper starts to panic after someone steals her bag. She finds it later in the field, but someone placed a dead bird on it. Harper is convinced that Chook is after her. She is also stressed out about finally signing the emancipation papers. She worries she will have no one, and Amerie promises to stick by her side. Assured of this, Harper signs the papers.

Later that night, the students head to a party celebrating the first day of school. At the party, Malakai and Rowan get closer. Quinni becomes obsessed with finding the person who put the dead bird on Harper’s bag. They have nicknamed the person Bird Psycho. Amerie is sure that Spider is the culprit, but Ant reveals that it is impossible since Spider has ornithophobia. This turns out to be true, and Spider is ruled out. 

In the meantime, Harper has an honest conversation with Ant and advises him to be less of a pervert. Darren also has a nasty encounter with Sasha, who believes their relationship with Ca$h is harmful. Fortunately, Harper comes to their defence and clarifies she doesn’t blame Ca$h for what happened to her. She tells Darren that Ca$h helped and promises to say the same at the trial. However, it seems Sasha’s words deeply affected Darren.

At the end of the night, Harper and Amerie return home and find a dead bird on the doorstep. Harper is more shaken and believes Chook is angry they set fire to his car.

The following morning, Amerie, Quinni, and Darren head to Chook’s place and wait for him to leave before sneaking inside. They hope to find evidence that he is Bird Psycho, but they are caught. Chook is adamant he is not looking for revenge, as he has to lay low. He denies being Bird Psycho, saying it will only cause him more legal problems. He asks them to leave but has Darren hang back.

Chook gets into Darren’s head by talking about how he knows Ca$h better. According to Chook, Ca$h was deeply involved with what happened to Harper. The doubts begin to settle in Darren’s mind. Amerie returns to school and informs Harper that Chook is not Bird Psycho. Harper is glad but asks Amerie to stop protecting her. She advises Amerie to turn that energy towards something else. 

Back at school, Voss gets Woodsy to agree to a new class. He ropes Spider and his friends into a club. Voss argues that the class will help the boys become men, and Jojo thinks it is a terrible idea. We don’t blame her; the club’s name is troubling enough—the club is called Cumlords! Voss approaches Spider and inspires him to be a “leader.” 

This leads Spider to throw his hat into school politics and run against Sasha for School Captain. Amerie also chooses to run for the role, hoping to change her classmates’ perception of her. She promises to make it up to them if they elect her. She also asks Malakai out after getting Harper’s blessing. The episode ends with Bird Psycho messaging Amerie. It turns out she was the target all along, and he is coming for her campaign.

The Episode Review

Heartbreak High Season 2 picks up where we left off, and it is great to see our favourite characters. This season, the central mystery will be Bird Psycho and their motivation to come for Amerie. The show maintains its sense of humour and perfectly brings taboo subjects to the front in a relatable way. 

This season, Harper and Amerie start on a positive note. Amerie is becoming a better friend, and we love that they are in a better place. Even though Harper has a lot on her plate, she has good friends who will be there for her. We will witness these characters’ developments and healing journeys this season.

While we like Malakai, we want to see if he will mess up after getting a second chance. We also look forward to seeing if  Ca$h and Darren survive these challenging times. 

Lastly, the addition of Rowan and Voss was a great decision. Voss is shaking things up, and even though we might not like his views, he is fascinating to watch. We know he has great plans for the Cumlords club and will push Jojo’s last nerves. As for Rowan, he might be the blue-eyed storm that threatens to tear up Malakai and Amerie. Did you also notice the tension between him and Malakai? 

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