Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 3 “Eetsway ” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Heartbreak High starts with Ca$h and his gang using Dusty dad’s car to rob a store. I guess he is not only selling drugs but he is also involved in some other crimes. The car refuses to start during the heist and they are forced to make a run for it with the police on their tails. They manage to flee and Ca$h is given the stolen goods to hold on to.

Amerie is riling from Harper’s betrayal of sleeping with Dusty. She gets home and burns all traces of her friendship with Harper.

The next morning, Harper returns home after staying with Meredith who she described as an “aunt.” We still don’t know what happened to Harper but given the few hints dropped in the first two episodes she went through something traumatic and is not ready to talk about it. Dusty is trying to get close to her but she turns down his date invite and says she is not looking to commit to a relationship.

Amerie, on the other hand, is trying to get over Dusty and vows to stay away from relationships and feelings. She is committed to stop thinking about boys and she plans to distract herself by joining after-school clubs that have no hot boys. This is how she ended up at the Haha club and it was not her cup of tea. She tries to join the social justice club but Sasha turns her down. Ultimately, she ends up at the chess club and considers herself safe from any boy distraction.

In the SLTs class, they are discussing the best way to communicate with their partners about what they are comfortable doing sexually. As always, the students make jokes but there’s a lot to learn in these scenes. The class makes it harder for Amerie to not think about sex or boys. After the class, Harper tries to talk to Amerie but Amerie brushes her off.

During the class, Ca$h gets a text message and he rushes home to get the stash of stolen goods. He goes to Darren’s place and asks them to hold the bag for him but Darren’s dad hears the conversation. He orders Darren to return the bag and this forces, Darren, to take the bag back to Ca$h. Darren however, offers him help on the best place to hide the stash bag. This helps them get closer and they start hanging out.

Amerie finds herself lost for words when Dusty confides his feelings for Harper and asks for advice. Amerie gives him bad advice and hopes they don’t work but it ends up helping Dusty and Harper get closer.

Amerie’s chastity vow is getting harder as she spends more time with Malakai and starts getting attracted to him. Malakai is supposed to be focusing on district team trials but Amerie is becoming a distraction to him. This annoys Spider as they are supposed to work together to represent the school and compete for a spot on the district’s basketball team.

Amerie gets home to find Harper in her room. She tells Amerie that she didn’t mean to hurt her when she slept with Dusty. She also says that she doesn’t want to continue their friendship. Amerie is confused as to why and Harper refuses to tell her. Amerie still doesn’t remember what happened at the festival.

Harper goes to Dusty’s place after her conversation with Amerie. Amerie meanwhile, heads over to Malakai’s place and she loses her virginity to him. The next day, Malakai fails to show up for his basketball try-outs.

The Episode Review

Whatever happened at the festival, it must have deeply affected Harper, and for some reason Amerie still can’t remember. I don’t think Amerie thought it through before losing her virginity to Malakai. I think she used this as a distraction after her conversation with Harper.

Also, I thought Malakai wanted to be on the district’s basketball team, what happened? Was he just lying for his dad’s and the coach’s sake? He saw the messages on his phone and deliberately chose to get back into bed with Amerie. This episode gave us more questions than answers but it was certainly enjoyable!

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