Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 2 “Renaissance Titties” Recap & Review

Renaissance Titties

Episode 2 of Heartbreak High starts with the students reporting for school the next morning. Amerie is finding it hard to live down her new nickname. She has a run-in with a mean student and Dusty comes to help her and he tells her about a gig he is having on Friday night. Dusty is part of a band and they are still trying to figure out what to name the band. Amerie is excited and is looking forward to the Dusty concert but there is a slight problem.

Ant and Spider are in charge of selling the wrist tickets to Dusty’s gig and they are not particularly fond of Amerie. Amerie must find a way to get the tickets and she is one determined girl. She first approaches Ant but he is still angry about how the map messed up his life and directs her to Spider knowing very well he would never give her a ticket.

The Sexual Literacy Tutorial (SLTs) class is proving to be a rather traditional class and the students find it hard to understand and relate to it. It was hard to watch that noodle video that was supposed to teach the students about the dangers of sharing nudes. Sigh! Teacher Jojo tries to make it more modern but is immediately shut down by the principal. The Principal feels having honest talks about sex is giving the students the wrong impression.

Amerie is also trying to get the principal to cancel the class and gets hopeful when the principal promises to consider it. She thinks that getting the class cancelled will help her get back her social life. She even uses this to try and get the tickets from Spider but unfortunately, the principal refuses to cancel the classes and makes her the teacher’s assistant.

During the SLTs class, Quinn finds the new version of the incest map. Someone is writing under the lockers and she thinks she should tell Amerie about the map but Darren dissuades her. In the meantime, Quinn has her own romantic struggles to deal with, she likes Sasha and it takes her a lot of courage to confess her feelings to Sasha. Sasha likes her too and invites her on a date.

The date doesn’t go smoothly as Quinn gets distracted by the noises and the lights in the restaurant. She comes back from her date and Darren helps her calm down and suggests she talks to Sasha again. Sasha thinks Quinn is not interested in her anymore but Quinn opens up and explains that she is autistic. Once the misunderstanding is cleared they kiss much to Darren’s delight.

Darren is struggling to get along with their dad, Darren thinks their dad is disappointed they didn’t turn out to be like the boys in his novel. ( Darren’s dad is a writer.) Their dad wants them to chip in around the household since Darren has a job. By the end of the episode, it looks like they have found a common ground.

Amerie manages to sneak into Dusty’s party thanks to Malakai who comes to her rescue. She has a sweet moment with Dusty in his bedroom but things don’t go as she had hoped. Dusty ends up dedicating his first song to Harper and Amerie learns they hooked up. She confronts Harper but she refuses to tell her what is going on with her. Amerie ends up going home with Malakai who once again comes to her rescue when she sprains her ankle.

As the party rages on, Ca$h steals the keys to Dusty dad’s car.

The Episode Review

I loved the scene in the bathroom when Darren was helping Quinn calm down. Quinn explaining she is autistic and Sasha immediately saying she will educate herself more on autism was also a good scene. I loved how they approached this storyline.

Amerie is so stuck on Dusty that she is missing out on Malakai who is clearly pining for her. I hope she will finally open her eyes. I fail to understand why Harper is not telling Amerie what is wrong. At least she should give her a definitive reason, given how Amerie explained their situation. It is clear that the not knowing part is hurting her.

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