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Looking In Her Eyes

Episode 7 of Heartbeat begins with Hae-won approaching Woo-hyeol’s mansion. In-hae and Woo-hyeol arrive soon after and he suddenly grabs Hae-won in a hug. He tells her he missed her and thanks her for finding her way to him, but she doesn’t seem to remember him. In-hae makes an excuse for him, saying he was abroad for a long time. He apologises for his behaviour and Hae-won leaves.

Later, In-hae wonders how someone can wait this long for a person. Woo-hyeol is clearly shaken by the events. She goes down to his room and explains why Hae-won would have been shocked by his reaction. Meanwhile, Ko Yang-nam makes a cryptic statement about how people who are meant to be together will end up together.

Sang-hae, in the meantime, theorises that Butler Joo is the one who stole Woo-hyeol’s gold bars. Woo-hyeol arrives and expresses his complete faith in Butler Joo. He then gives them the news about Hae-won/Hae-sun. His friends counsel him to focus on becoming human and being with Hae-sun, instead of despairing that she doesn’t remember him. Although, when he gets back home he’s still pretty downcast.

In-hae visits Ki-suk at her shop, where the butcher rants about the hideous mansion being the reason the area isn’t redeveloped. She asks In-hae why she’s staying there and In-hae informs her about the guesthouse plan. Ki-suk conveys this to Gwang-ok and they predict that the guesthouse will fail and In-hae will have to leave soon.

At home, In-hae gives Woo-hyeol a bowl of ox blood to feel better. She suggests inviting Hae-won over so they can spend more time together. She advises him to not think of her as Hae-sun, the person she once was, but as Hae-won, the person she is now. Later at night, Yang-nam meets with Woo-hyeol. He also tells Woo-hyeol to focus on becoming human so he can feel the love he desires. It’s dangerous to be on the border of things, he says.

In-hae stresses out while looking for furniture to furnish the mansion. Woo-hyeol sees this and tells Do-sik he should be helping her out. Do-sik calls In-hae and makes a plan to go shopping for furniture and appliances.

Dong-seop tries to use his vampire teeth to attract people to his shop but it ends up scaring them. Rose and Sang-hae tell him off for almost revealing himself. They move on to the subject of the gold bars and Rose also gets in on the investigation. She says they should go to the scene of the crime.

As In-hae leaves to meet Do-sik, Woo-hyeol seems glad that his plan is working. They have a good time going from store to store. While having lunch, they reminisce about their college days when they visited a restaurant together. While waiting for Do-sik to get the car, In-hae sees a father and daughter together and looks wistful.

Sang-hae and Dong-seop arrive at the mansion to look for clues. Sang-hae finds a cat whisker and suspicion moves to Ko Yang-nam. Woo-hyeol insists he would never do that but Sang-hae isn’t so sure about it.

On the drive home, In-hae tries to find out more about Hae-won. She then tells Do-sik to come to the house when Hae-won visits as well.

When Sang-hae wonders if In-hae would be annoyed to see the three of them enjoying bowls of ox blood in the house, Woo-hyeol says it won’t be a problem. Of course, when In-hae turns up, she does get irritated and tells them to leave. Afterwards, Woo-hyeol knocks on her bedroom door and asks to speak to her.

In the middle of a shop, Hae-won asks Man-hwi to give her a hug. She tells Man-hwi what happened with Woo-hyeol but doesn’t name him.

At home, Woo-hyeol tries to appease In-hae. They discuss inviting Hae-won and Do-sik over on the coming Saturday. In-hae then gives him instructions on how to behave around Hae-won. She strictly warns him to not reveal himself as a vampire. She asks him if he’s nervous and he admits he’s never felt his heart race due to love. She says that’s not the only symptom of love. Thinking and waiting for Hae-sun proves his feelings more than anything.

Hae-won speaks with Do-sik. The latter is surprised that Hae-won agreed to invest in the mansion when she wanted to buy it. She claims she hasn’t forgotten what she wants. Woo-hyeol keeps thinking about In-hae’s words. He then sees yellow flowers in the garden that Hae-sun used to love.

The day arrives and Woo-hyeol chooses a suit carefully. In-hae adjusts his tie and tells him to look at himself in her eyes as much as he wants. He ends up saying she has beautiful eyes instead. Luckily, Do-sik and Hae-won arrive at just that moment. Woo-hyeol welcomes her with the same yellow flowers and apologises for the other day.

While getting a tour of the house, Hae-won asks Woo-hyeol about his living situation with In-hae. He explains that their families were acquainted but gets distracted when he realises he can’t see himself in Hae-won’s eyes.

In-hae and Do-sik set the table and they crack open the wine Hae-won bought. Despite saying that Woo-hyeol doesn’t drink, Hae-won pours him a glass. When he doesn’t eat anything either, she puts a shrimp in his plate. In-hae tries to eat it herself but Woo-hyeol has it to please Hae-won.

As expected, his reaction to having a shrimp for the first time is a bit explosive. He loves it, ends up eating all of them and inevitably gets intoxicated. When he starts rambling about Hae-sun, In-hae drags him outside the house and punches him to wake him up. He ends up putting his head on her shoulder and they stay like that, for a bit. Inside, Hae-won and Do-sik continue chatting. Do-sik gets a phone call and heads out of the room.

Outside, Woo-hyeol apologises to In-hae and goes inside. Both of them step into the foyer where Do-sik is on the phone. Just then, a light bulb above Hae-won flickers and explodes. Woo-hyeol’s instincts kick in and he uses his super speed to reach Hae-won and grab her before she falls. In-hae pulls Do-sik towards her to make sure he doesn’t see it.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Heartbeat is a fun and intriguing watch! Woo-hyeol and In-hae seem like good friends and it’s nice to see how they are supporting each other. His dynamic with Hae-won develops well and In-hae and Do-sik make a sweet pair. At the same time, there is clearly a spark between Woo-hyeol and In-hae, making it all deliciously twisted.

I’m glad the show isn’t spending too much time on Sang-hae’s investigation or on Hyun-joo’s plot to make Woo-hyeol and In-hae leave. By now it’s clear that the heart and intrigue of this K-drama lies with its primary four cast members.

I love the bit about Woo-hyeol seeing himself in In-hae’s eyes but not Hae-won’s. There could be a number of implications of this, making it a great way to keep viewers hooked. And Hae-won’s subtly sinister demeanour adds to the mystery of it all. What if she isn’t the real Hae-sun? What if In-hae is Hae-sun’s reincarnation after all? But then why does Hae-won look like her? Lots of questions, which only means that this show is doing something right!

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