Heart Attack Man – Freak Of Nature | Album Review

Track Listing

Practiced In The Mirror
Freak Of Nature
Like A Kennedy
Late To A Orgy
Stick Up
God Called Off Today
9 On Your Bedside
Clown School
See You On The Other Side


Heart Attack Man is on the verge of exploding like a bomb, and their album, Freak Of Nature, is an intelligent stab at rock. Desiring strength to rise up from a bloody base, the act feature in their music highly ambitious tones and melodies that push the band through the motions.

Monologue heavy, but compelling, there’s nothing direct about this record. It’s so diverse, with slow and fast songs conjuring up memories that don’t go down the safe route, but actually detail days mopping up glass and having a mental lapse.

Candid expressions run high on this album too, as the band doesn’t hide their razor-sharp thoughts and cutting feelings. It’s a poignant record, telling us that love has been splintered.

Practiced In The Mirror starts the record off. It’s a sad song, giving us a glimpse into a love story that has flaws. The guitar sound is soft and gradually rises, not with a loud bang, but with subtle edges.

Stick Up is a sobering song describing the world as a nightmare and a dangerous platform. The band is correct here, blessing us with a track that is intense.

9 On Your Bedside is a story-driven song, barricading off pretension. The tight guitar moments increase the likability. Fierce and unapologetic, the track bursts into a chorus-fuelled gallant effort.

Heart Attack Man is a band pushing their intelligent music to the forefront, even though it’s been inflicted with sorrow.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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