Hazbin Hotel – Episode 3 “Scrambled Eggs” Recap & Review

Scrambled Eggs

In Hazbin Hotel episode 3, Sir Pentious worries everyone is plotting to kill him and so orders weapon parts from Carmilla Carmine, the top weapons dealer in Hell. Vaggie loudly protests at this and insists he needs to trust them.

Charlie decides trust exercises are exactly what they should focus on today, but first, Vaggie has Alistor get rid of Pentious’ egg boys.

Charlie asks Vaggie to take the lead on the exercises today, unknowingly putting a lot of pressure on her. When the exercises don’t go too well, Vaggie feels like she’s let Charlie down.

Alistor takes the eggs on an outing with him. He runs into Zestial, as they’re both going to a meeting of Hell’s sovereign overlords, headed by Carmilla Carmine. Zestial mentions that the rumor is that Alistor has fallen into “holy arms” due to his involvement with the princess. Alistor isn’t worried about what others think of him, however.

Alistor tells the eggs to keep guard outside, but seems to allow one of them to get through. During the meeting, Carmilla discusses what they can do about the exterminations. Velvette has her own idea. Having found the head of one of the angels, she professes a desire to go to war, seeing as the angels can be killed. This obviously shakes Carmilla, who doesn’t want war, and the two of them square off.

When the meeting concludes early, Alistor has the lone egg follow Carmilla and Zestial out of the room. The two of them discuss the dead angel, and Zestial correctly predicts that Carmilla was the one to have killed them. He assures her she can confide in him as her friend, so she owns up to it.

She says she had to act when the angel attacked to keep her people safe. She doesn’t want people to know because it would cause a war and endanger the people she wants to protect. While Carmilla pours her heart out, the egg overhears everything and reports back to Alistor.

Back at the hotel, Charlie apologizes for putting pressure on Vaggie. And anyway, in the end, her exercises did bring everyone together. When Alistor returns with the eggs, Vaggie decides they can stay with Sir Pentious. She trusts him now.

The Episode Review

The transitions into songs are as oddly abrupt as ever, but the story for this episode really worked. The political workings of Hell are intriguing, with not only the demons vs. angels rivalry to contend with, but also the twisted alliances and power structures in Hell itself creating more complexity. The Vees are poised to cause trouble. And then of course there’s Alistor, with his own secret plans threatening even more chaos. I’m hooked.

I’m very interested in Vaggie’s harsh reaction to Carmilla’s name, their similar character designs, and the fact that they shared a song. Is there some relation there?

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