The Haunting Of Bly Manor – Episode 5 Recap & Review

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I’ve Been Here Before

Episode 5 of Haunting Of Bly Manor shifts the focus across to Hannah as she and Owen watch the dancing flames together at the bonfire. He comments on how caring she is and suggests she head to Paris with him and really live in the moment.

In the past, we see Owen and Hannah first meeting at the house. He sees the manor as a chance to hone his culinary skills while Hannah tells him she needs someone who can stay on for a long time, She wonders whether he’s intending to do just that. Given his tough family history and his ill Mother, Owen promises to stick around.

Bly Manor certainly holds its fair share of secrets but Hannah starts to crack under the pressure in the past. Heading outside to scream, Charlotte approaches and encourages her to head back in for a drink.

Back in the present, Miles walks purposefully past Hannah and starts shaking the ladder that Jamie is on. As she heads down and confronts the boy, Hannah starts to feel excruciating pain in her head. From here, we jump back in time again.

This time, we see things from Hannah’s perspective as Rebecca and Peter argue loudly over the batter-mix fiasco. She agrees to forgive him but makes him promise not to speak like that again. When he notices Hannah at the door, he encourages her to live a little and barges past her.

Peter certainly is living in the moment as he starts stealing from the manor. While Henry is oblivious to it, Hannah most definitely is not. After a heated exchange, we cut across to several different scenes – the first is that of Rebecca by the lake and the other is Hannah and Owen repeating the same sequences of events. Hannah is self-aware of this though but this conversation is forced to carry on.

As he shouts, we jump forward to see Hannah and Miles discussing the latter smoking a cigarette. Hannah follows Miles into the church, where the scene distorts twice. The first sees her sitting with Charlotte lighting a candle and offering her a place at the manor.

The other sees Charlotte replaced by Rebecca who discusses her affection for Peter. They both agree that Peter is frightening but for Rebecca, she’s naïve enough to misplace this feeling as exciting and feeling alive.

These jumps continue as the episode progresses, with the same conversation with Owen seeming to be the anchor that everything else revolves around.

Anyway, we cut back again as Hannah witnesses Charlotte and Peter talking together in their bedroom. Further revelations are given to Rebecca and Peter’s relationship. He pitches the idea of moving together the next night to America. It’s imperative that she doesn’t tell anyone though, which only raises more alarm bells.

It seems like Hannah is reliving these memories as Rebecca reaches out and speaks to her directly about how “this is the night it happens.” That event seems to be Peter taking the necklace on his way out the Manor.

Only, he’s suddenly grabbed and choked out by the strange white-robed woman we’ve seen before in previous episodes He suddenly appears again several moments later until he finds the doll that Flora is holding. The woman in white returns and drags Peter’s lifeless corpse down the stairs – seemingly confirming what we’ve realized for a few episodes now that Peter is controlling Miles and not alive.

That anchor scene – the one with Owen and Hannah – sees Owen pleading with Hannah to relive the scene one more time. This time, she jumps to 1987 which is our present-day timeline where it’s confirmed that Peter is currently possessing Miles.

This time Hannah can actually see him and understands what’s going on. Tempers flare and Miles (controlled by Peter) pushes her straight in the well where that familiar crack is on the wall. It turns out Hannah’s dead and given Dani can see dead people, it explains why she’s able to interact with Hannah.

As the episode closes out, Hannah Grose repeats who she is as Jamie and Owen walk away from the bonfire.

The Episode Review

Out of all the episodes of Bly Manor, this is the one that finally adds a compelling twist. Despite the lack of horror, the tragic history of Hannah and how she’s really a ghost is beautifully done. The frantic editing bleeds through and shows why these moments are so significant to Hannah.

It’s a wonderful way of reinforcing fractured memories and why Hannah has been so frazzled so far. While the Miles/Peter possession is a little obvious, Hannah being dead all this time definitely caught me off-guard.

Has Bly Manor turned a corner? We shall see.

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