Harry & Meghan Season 1 Review – An unreliable, one-sided account that fails to make a point

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Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are among the most well-known royal partners in recent times. They have experienced a lot of controversy during their time together as a married couple, and here they reveal all.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex offer their viewpoint on the events that have been repeatedly brought up during public conversation, split across 6 episodes in Netflix’s docuseries. In addition to the former senior members of the royal family, the show also includes a number of the couple’s friends and family members.

The two-volume series gives viewers a glimpse into their early lives and discusses how the couple met, how they supposedly left the royal life behind, and how they have lived since. The show addresses sensitive themes including Meghan being bullied by “them”—the intrusive media and the Royal Family, the institutionalized racism in the Royal Family, her having suicidal thoughts, losing her child, her need to speak the truth, and her desire for peace.

“Never complain and never explain” has served as the Royal Family’s key element when interacting with the press. Since this is clearly not Harry and Meghan’s style, they have turned to Netflix to fight their own battles with the press as well as the members of the Royal Family.

In the two-volume docudrama, Meghan and Harry provide their first-person account of what transpired, so from their point of view, they lay everything bare for the audience to see their story and what happened. This tale comes from the horses’ mouth itself, so it does justice to their narrative and their truth since they put it out themselves, unlike a show like The Crown, whose credibility could be questioned.

Every story, like a coin, undoubtedly has two sides. The audience is informed before the documentary even starts that the Royal Family hasn’t commented on it, which is not surprising considering that it violates their protocol of not complaining and not explaining, which the former senior members of the Royal Family opted to breach. Having said that, considering that the other side hasn’t had a chance to present their argument and battle for their position on the matter so we ourselves can determine what is “the truth” and not “their truth”, the validity of everything presented in the documentary is seriously unreliable. The documentary’s premise is quite weak because it is a one-sided account to begin with.

It is stated in the documentary’s last episode that the objective of the six-part docudrama is that the Sussex’s want to share the truth, bring about peace, and finally put the drama behind them and live a private life. The documentary seems to be a means for the Duke and Duchess to supposedly put all the previous baggage down, and it indicates that they are seeking closure.

The documentary attacks the Royal Family, including King Charles by calling him a liar. Furthermore, Prince Harry accuses  William of yelling at him, and the Late Queen Elizabeth ll was accused of remaining silent and doing nothing. One could argue that the documentary is causing more drama and likely not going to enable them to live in peace privately as they wanted throughout.

The documentary makes numerous serious accusations and blames members of the Royal Family and the press throughout, but there is no evidence to back up those claims other than accounts from the Duke and Duchess’s close family and friends who support the Sussex’s and are clearly on their side.

Aside from close friend’s accounts and showing newspaper headlines, there is no credible evidence to back many statements. For instance, Meghan accused a member of the Royal Family, claiming that the person asked her the color of her baby while she was pregnant, which is a seriously racist thing to ask. However, she doesn’t name the person, and she hasn’t named anyone in the other racist accusations either, which reduces the reliability of her claims.

Meghan spoke about feeling alienated when she joined the Royal Family, having suicidal thoughts, losing her child, and battling the media and the Royal Family, which makes us feel sympathetic toward her.

On the other hand, one can counter that the show is merely a self-serving petty tantrum to seek revenge from the Royals. Furthermore, they talk a lot about mental health throughout the documentary, yet fail to address how viewing the documentary might affect the royal family members’ mental health.

The show discusses Meghan’s struggles to adopt the ways of the Royal Family, such as formality, curtsey, dressing style and more, to name but a few. It seems to be fairly challenging, and it makes viewers feel sympathetic towards her.

Having said that, Meghan openly mocks curtsying the Queen and curtsying in general in the documentary, which is culturally ignorant and offensive in and of itself. Every culture has its own way of being, such as how the Japanese bow, many Indians touch the feet of elders and how the people of England bow to the Queen. Making light of a particular component of a culture on a reality show is rather disrespectful.

The documentary repeatedly claims that Meghan Markle and Princess Diana are alike, almost as if trying to make us see a connection between them. This is fine to begin with, but after a while it becomes repetitive and it feels as though people’s feelings for Princess Diana were being exploited to accomplish a goal.

The documentary employs a number of dramatic elements, such as Meghan’s constant crying, sad background music, making her kid talk to Princess Diana’s picture for the video, and the Sussex’s’ complaining throughout the six episodes, making it feel more like a docudrama than a reliable documentary with a fair argument and evidence to back claims.

Harry & Meghan allows the Sussex’s to tell their own story and speak their truth. Unfortunately, this series lacks important aspects of what makes a good documentary, including a strong purpose, a solid argument, and proof to back up claims and serious accusations. To make matters worse, there’s a gloss of dramatic and tedium moments, making for a rather dour experience overall.

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  • Verdict - 2.5/10

10 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan Season 1 Review – An unreliable, one-sided account that fails to make a point”

  1. Mental health is a real issue whether you are rich or poor, and what they have been put through as human beings is awful ; no person with a minimum of feelings and emotions, would have been able to endure this without getting seriously damaged, nor no person should be treated this way – by the medias, and the members of the public . I can’t believe we live in such a vile world. Why so much hate, bullying, jealousy? Try some love for once, you might be surprised how good it feels 😉

  2. Meagan has led a pointless life. She keeps talking but has nothing to stay. All media, industries and superstars need to avoid Harry and Meagan as they both will lead to the downfall of ANYONE who doesn’t comply with Harry’s dangerous and narcissistic devil wife Meagan. Sickening, disrespectful , lazy, good digger witch. Meagan will get Harry or William killed. Boycott ALL projects Meagan is associated with. I am canceling Netflix , Oprah and T. Perry. Meagan will bring them down with her away.

  3. The old call girl claims to have evidence to back up her claims; if so, l want that evidence aired- otherwise it is all hearsay. Now that the bad reviews are in, she has conveniently disappeared from the scene. She will blame Horrid for all of the bad reviews; say that he abused her, that there were 3 in the marriage, that he abused drugs-and she wants a settlement from King Charles. Given that they arrive wired; meeting these grifters, it isn’t safe for anyone, royal or not.

  4. Biased much? Their story is about a Prince who lost his mother, the great Diana, and has decided to live a genuine life where his family will be safe. Why is this so upsetting to you?

  5. I note one of the reviews suggests Harry and Megan is a beautiful couples story. This is not a soap opera. It is about real people. I was a Megan fan. Now I realise she is just a narsesitic poienous person, a liar and a really bad actress. She has prrvoked racial tention around the world. The UK is largely a none racist country… As with any country and any culture there will always be individuals that make such comments. I as a British subject am hugely offended by Megan’s racist comments made against the British people, who is she to hurl such derogatory comments against me my family (of which we have 4 persons of colour) my friend’s of which many are from multiple countries and cultures with varied skin tones….. Who is Megan to insult me and my friends…. She goes on about black slavery….. I am a miners daughter my great grandmother worked in service, they were treated like human slaves too… In historical times regardless of color the poor where treated badly. Tearing statues down is not helpful…. It is how we remember our past histories. The meusum at Liverpool docks tells this history in a balanced way. It is the way we should look at our history. When in the museum I cried at many of the displays…. In the end the colour of our skin is totally irrelevant…. It is how we act as Humans. There is nothing beautiful about a couple who make huge amounts of money by playing the racism card and fuelling racial tension. The damage this couple are doing to humanity is huge.

    I would also like to make a point about Megan’s insult to the Queen and her memory, it was hugely insulting to see her mock our wonderful Queen by doing a mock curtsey as if she had come straight out of a diseney production shame on you Megan and shame on you Harry for allowing this… I have once been in the fortunate position to be priverleged enough to be required to curtsey to the Queen, I did not have a price by my side to guide me, just a gentleman stood near to me who gave me simple instruction in seconds of how to perform a simple act of respect, I felt very priverleged to be accidently so close to the Royal family that day, and it will be a fond memory, had their been a Royal member of the family of colour I would have also curtsied, it has nothing to do with colour, it is about respect an it is a small act. Harry this is your beloved grandmother your wife was publicly and shamefully mocking on global TV… What the hell is up with you man or should I say puppy or lap dog? Grow a set of ball’s. What do you think this woman will do to you when you have outlived your usefulness????? Perhaps run to Tyler Perry or one of the others she has lined up? Harry your days are running out.
    If Harry and Megan do not want to be part of the Royal Family then they should relinquish their Royal titels and any income they receive, Harry should just get his mums inheritance and when King Charles dies he should get what he decides to gift him in his will. Go off and lead a quite life and stop damaging my country and the Commenwealth you are a deserter and a disgrace to the country you served. Many of my family and friends laid down their life to protect the United Kingdom, you disoner them by letting your wife mock our nation. Harry you are deluded if you think you are in a loving marriage, and anyone who thinks this is a beautiful romantic story needs a reality check… It is an ugly and dangerous relationship and my commitment is nothing to do with race or colour, they are to do with humanity general respect and kindness…

  6. Self promoting instagram type ‘show’. They wanted the glamorous gig, threatened to leave the firm if they didn’t get it. Now regret it and acting like spoilt brats throwing dirt at anyone that recognises that. The British press are a pain in the ****, agreed and H has deep seated anger at the press (no-one can blame him for that), but for M it’s a cash machine. It’s weird how they have video documented moments of the past, Oscar performances, oven ready to cash in later. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. They should listen to their therapist: Don’t feed the monster, if you want to move on, but that is exactly what they are doing with this and more of the same to come. H has just swapped the Royal institution for the Celeb institute and guess what they don’t provide security either.

  7. you dont have to be on the side of the royals to point out the numerous lies and inconsistencies that have been proven time and again. This review was accurate. Half the time she was acting and her inauthenticity has an off putting stench. Rarely if ever do they back up any claims. Much is vague. Megan is a manipulator and anyone with logical thinking can discern this.

  8. Completely agreed with the prior comment! OBVIOUSLY the ‘institution’ would not allow proof of the abuse to be public. Also Megan perhaps cried twice. This ‘review’ is the exact sort of gaslighting they speak of in the doc.

  9. You are obviously on the side of the Royals, not fairly giving credibility to Harry and Meghan. Your write-up is just like a tabloid material and it’s sole purpose is to lessen this beautiful couple’s story. Sorry, to me, your review didn’t serve your purpose.

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