Harlan Coben’s Shelter – Season 1 Episode 7 “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” Recap & Review

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Episode 7 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter, Bat Lady seems disoriented and even frightened. We then hear her scream, though it’s not apparent what set her off. Following that, Spoon and Ema use Spoon’s tracking device to locate Mickey. Mickey was previously seen fleeing the men.

Mickey is unconscious as Ema and Spoon arrive at the beach. Following that, they rush Mickey to the emergency room. In the meanwhile, Shira hears back from Hannah and agrees when Hannah asks to visit her. Troy arrives not long after. He drops off Mickey’s jacket as he is a part of the school team. He then asks that Shira stay away from his father and family.

Mickey is hospitalised, and Shira gets the news. This prompts an immediate visit to the emergency room. Spoon and Ema have also been seen at the hospital. They think Mickey’s condition was caused by the Bat Lady. They ultimately decide to deal with the Bat Lady head-on.

When Ema and Spoon visit the Bat Lady, she informs them that they’ve been assigned to help Ashley. Rachel then appears after being summoned by the Bat Lady. The Bat Lady then suggests that the three of them work together to release Rachel. The trio then show up at the mysterious club. Spoon passes through a tunnel here. However, he is caught in the process.

Rachel and Ema eventually rescue Ashley after numerous obstacles. They are, however, almost caught towards the end. At this point, Mickey appears and saves the day. Following that, the Abeona group arrives to help the kids. Meanwhile, Candy, Ashley’s friend, helps Spoon in escaping. However, she is shot and dies in the process.

Soon after that, all of the friends gather. Ashley has to go with the Abeona group as they will be able to keep her safe. She goes her way with Mickey after a tearful goodbye. Mickey is then having a talk with a member of the Abeona group who happens to be Brad’s friend. He tells him pleasant things about his dad after which he hands him a letter.

Mickey runs to Bat Lady’s home after reading the letter. Following that, he accuses her of being the reason his father died. The room Bat Lady is in is adorned with photos of the children rescued by the Abeona group. She informs Mickey that she is not to blame for his father’s death. She attempts to convince him that he, like his father, is supposed to rescue children.

The paramedic who was present during Brad’s death arrives at this point. He shoots the Bat Lady and locks Mickey inside the room. Following that, he sets fire to the house, bringing the episode to an end.

The Episode Review

In episode 7 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter, the characters Mickey, Ema, Rachel, and Spoon successfully rescue Ashley. That said, Candy passes away while attempting to help Ashley. Mickey engages in a confrontation with Bat Lady about her involvement in the demise of his father. The paramedic shows up, locks Mickey in a room and lights the house on fire.

The plot of this particular episode effectively integrates the major twists that were unveiled in previous episodes. It is evident that various elements are coming together, which is excellent.

During this episode, Spoon’s short-lived bond with Candy is truly touching. Furthermore, the portrayal provided a more intricate and nuanced depiction of the character, revealing a profound vulnerability beneath his outwardly cheerful demeanour.

Undoubtedly, this episode stands out as the finest episode that the show has produced so far. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episode as it’ll mark the end of the season. The final episode has a possibility to resolve various unresolved plot elements, hence providing much anticipated revelations.

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