Harlan Coben’s Shelter – Season 1 Episode 5 “See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me” Recap & Review

See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me

In Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 5, Mickey confronts Octoface, who is currently at Rachel’s house trying to abduct Ashley. Although Mickey fights bravely, Rachel must intervene and fire at Octoface to safeguard the teenager’s life. Ashley has already escaped when they rush to help her, though.

Ema and Spoon are informed about these developments by Mickey. In exchange, the friends tell Mickey about Mr. Kent’s connection with Dylan Shakes. He served as the child’s physician. Mickey reveals a picture of Dylan’s Little League squad to the group. This squad had Mickey’s dad as a player, and Mrs. Friedman served as the squad’s coach.

Following this, Spoon visits Mrs. Friedman to get further information. While Mrs. Friedman admits that Dylan’s dad, Billy, was physically assaulting him and fractured his rib as a result, she denies accompanying Dylan to his last physician’s visit on the day that he vanished. Mrs. Friedman is wary of Spoon’s interference. However, the teen runs away without saying anything else.

The teenagers then put the investigation on hold for the time being and resume their regular school day. During musical practice, Whitney and Ema grow close. Mickey then makes an attempt to make the school basketball squad. He gives a strong performance, but Troy elbows him in the face, interrupting his rhythm.

This quickly escalates into a fight. Inside the fitness centre, Troy and Mickey fight. Spoon and Buck quickly follow suit and join them. Despite taking her time, the coach ultimately separates them all.

Following this, Hannah and Shira are asked to come in to talk about this altercation. When they get the message, they are seen having a conversation humorously with one another. Shira was being shown around Hannah’s brand-new eatery.

Both of the families bicker at school. Even though Troy claims it was simply an accident, Hannah warns him to accept responsibility for his actions. Troy and Mickey receive their final warnings from the coach. They are told that they will both be removed from the team if they act inappropriately again.

Mickey notices Ema’s hidden butterfly tattoo while in the game. He shares this frightening update with Spoon. To get information, they decide to check on Ema. They track her home and learn that she stays in a lavish property. Additionally, they find out that her mom is in fact the famous Angelica Wyatt.

The three teenage friends talk about the ink job and Ema’s significant secrets. Ema admits that she lied in order to prevent having her family’s financial and social standing criticised. She also describes how Agent came up with the tattoo design. Ema didn’t know about the connection and wasn’t prepared for them to think anything of her.

The group makes amends. In the course of this conversation, Ema brings up the subject of the Abeona butterfly along with its symbolic significance. According to Mickey, the organisation that both of his parents served for was also named after the butterfly. They think that there has to be a reason why this particular butterfly is connected to every aspect of Ashley’s disappearance.

Following that, Spoon and Mickey break into Agent’s tattoo shop in search of information. Mickey comes across a picture of his dad and Octoface having fun together. Mickey panics at this unexpected connection. He suddenly feels indifferent towards his father and is unable to shed a tear at his burial site.

Mickey follows Octoface to his huge house using the licence plate from the picture. Rachel and Troy both contributed to this job. Troy, the person who bullies at the school, checked the licence plate using his father’s police databases. Collectively, Rachel alongside Mickey follows Octoface. They end up in a sleazy nightclub as a consequence. The men who attempted to kidnap Ashley are recognised by Rachel.

Ema tells Whitney about her hidden family life in another scene. Then they start kissing. Ema seemed to have discovered somebody she can rely on. Whitney eventually does, however, warn her brother Buck regarding Ema’s secrets.

Spoon is informed that Mr. Kent is no longer in a coma. They head towards the hospital in order to talk to the man using Ema’s help. But before they can, a group of enigmatic men suddenly pull up in a car and take him away.

A montage of scenes is shown to conclude the episode. As a consequence of a disagreement with her spouse, Hannah puts their trust in Shira. Additionally, Mrs. Friedman recalls a dispute she had with Billy Shakes, Dylan’s dad, back in the day. In the present moment, a significantly older-looking Billy follows Mrs. Friedman.

The Episode Review

This episode, which moves away from the increasingly unsettling components of the story, focuses more on the sympathetic elements of this teen adaption. Spoon and Ema get ready for the school performance. Mickey is likewise attempting to make the school’s basketball squad. The teenagers are also still looking into Ashley’s absence amidst all of this.

The majority of the fifth episode is less focused on the bigger riddles and more introspective, spending time getting to know the people’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It serves as a strong character-building episode in that regard, setting the tone for the rest of the season.

If this series has taught us anything, it’s that the camaraderie between the three characters is one of its most pure, charming and heartwarming features. You get totally absorbed in Jaden Michael and Adrian Greensmith’s segments whenever they are together on camera owing to their incredible on-screen chemistry.

Having said that, the show seldom has little to offer once it leans into its unreal mysterious segments. As a whole though, this episode was pretty thrilling and enjoyable to watch.

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