Harlan Coben’s Shelter – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Dirt Locker” Recap & Review

The Dirt Locker

In episode 3 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter, backstories are used to delve into Bat Lady’s past. She appears to have actually been a wartime child who ran away from the Nazis. Using Sunglasses Man’s assistance, she desperately looks for Ashley Kent’s location in the present day. There is a suggestion that a lot of people could die if Ashley isn’t located.

Following the incident involving Kitty, Mickey’s mom, she is taken to the medical facility yet again. Shira and Mickey concur that she had been released much too soon. But he is clearly disturbed by what happened the day before.

His grandparents hurry over to help them out. Additionally, the birthday celebration conflicts with this. The elderly get ready for a celebration that evening. Meanwhile, in spite of appearing to have fled, Rachel is traumatized by her encounter with Octoface someplace else.

The students come together at school for a unique gathering. The musical’s sponsor for this year, Angelica Wyatt, is introduced by Mrs. Friedman. It is made known that The Phantom of the Opera is going to be performed at the school. Although everyone wants the mean-spirited Buck to secure the lead role, Arthur is eager to audition.

The trio gets together later to talk about the unfolding events. Mickey informs his friends of his mother’s readmission. They choose to look for Ashley yet again. Spoon shows them around his underground lair, a long-abandoned boiler room. To organize his theories of the abduction, Spoon has built up a corkboard. Dylan Shakes and Ashley Kent, two students who have vanished, may be connected, according to him.

Ema suggests they begin by searching Ashley’s locker. Finding an empty locker, Ema suggests that they search the security tape from the school for any hints. They intend to use the video footage to recreate her entire day. Spoon immediately gathers all of the footage and they watch all of it from the entire day in work shifts.

Following his shift, Mickey rushes home to discover an indoor party in full bloom. He starts working on his homework with Rachel immediately. They are looking into Lizzy Sobeck, a WWII hero who is credited with saving numerous kids from Auschwitz. Troy, Ken, as well as Hannah also show up at the family party. With their inappropriate past, the situation starts off unpleasantly, though Shira attempts to be polite.

Outdoors, Troy, and Rachel fight. He worries that his partner is growing more attached to Mickey while ignoring his texts. The argument causes Rachel to strike Troy in his face and brings back memories of the encounter with Octoface. She undoubtedly struggles with the upsetting event and snaps at her partner in response. Flashbacks show that she escaped the assault because she scared the attacker away with Ashley’s weapon.

Ema begins her own shift in the meantime. She discovers a video of Whitney, another student, spying on her in the school hallway. Following that, she discovers a video showing the cheerleaders harassing Ashley. Troy creates more drama regarding the past while still at the celebration. Shira then has a disagreement with her mom and runs away to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, Hannah and Shira have a conversation about parenting before making up. Following that, these two longtime friends give each other passionate kisses.

Mickey heads out of the gathering and enters the boiler space. His companions have discovered extra footage. Sunglasses Man got into Ashley’s locker at three in the morning and took her hippo magnet. To find out more, Mickey makes the decision to return to Bat Lady’s home. He finds the house yet again through a covert entrance and encounters the Sunglasses Man along with Bat Lady.

He gets to know the Bat Lady and finds out her name is Lizzy Sobeck. The Holocaust fighter clarifies that she is searching for the person who murdered Mickey’s dad as well as a number of other children from the flashback. In the closing scenes, it is made clear that Ashley continues to be alive, and that she has a butterfly ink on her shoulder. Additionally, we learn that she stalked Mickey’s family members in the past.

The Episode Review

During episode 3 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter, the numerous mysteries raised by the show start to make sense. Ashley vanishes, and Mickey along with his companions looks through the school’s surveillance footage for any clues. Adults in Kasselton talk about their own dirty secrets in the meantime.

The series keeps handing out more unsettling questions and discloses numerous more plot turns. With the unnecessary addition of corny humor and an excessive number of pointless flashback scenes, the plot is getting quite muddled.

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