Harlan Coben’s Shelter – Season 1 Episode 2 “Catch Me if U Can” Recap & Review

Catch Me if U Can

In episode 2 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter, Mickey and Spoon appear sitting together in the jail cell. They’ve been told that the guy who had to be carried from Kent’s house to the hospital had been assaulted. However, it turns out that Ashley Kent is not connected with either Mr. or Mrs. Kent. If their last names are identical, Spoon questions if it’s more than a mere coincidence.

In addition to Spoon’s dad being there for his kid, Shira frees Mickey from jail. Shira runs into Hannah, a former companion from high school who recently got married to investigating officer Ken, as she is leaving. Troy, the team captain in basketball, is their kid. There is no doubt that Shira and Ken were friendly. To put it mildly, the interaction is awkward.

Ema makes another attempt to remove the enigmatic butterfly tattoo from her shoulder. Additionally, Rachel is behaving cautiously because she has Ashley’s weapon. She anxiously paces within the house relentlessly as if she were being observed.

The Kents’ home event is discussed by the trio. They are convinced that Lawrence Kent’s assault and Ashley’s vanishing are related. It appears that the perpetrator mistakenly believed they were actually Ashley’s parents. Mickey later learns that Ashley has dropped out of school. Professor Barry Vollmer, who also happens to be the guy with no hair sends Mrs. Friedman an official resignation email. Evidently, he had a role in the crime as well.

The trio locates Mrs. Kent at the medical facility after pursuing all of the leads they have. She claims she was unaware that the perpetrator was sporting octopus ink on his face, which is a very distinctive feature. The perpetrator of Ashley and her spouse also had a tattoo of a woman’s face.

Sunglasses Man follows Ema and Mickey that evening. Mickey pursues him and leaps toward his moving car. Shortly after speaking with Mickey, the mysterious individual refuses to respond to any of his inquiries, which only makes the situation more unclear. The next day, Mickey and his mom Kitty are able to spend a few hours together. But she instantly requests some time by herself to complete a few tasks.

In the interim, Mickey meets up with his companions at the neighborhood tattoo shop. They inquire as to whether the tattooist can recall the tattooed man. Additionally, it is the exact same guy who was spotted following Ashley on the high school campus. However, it doesn’t seem that the tattooed man is remembered by the tattoo artist.

Ema then has a private conversation with her tattooist and inquires about her temporary ink. The butterfly’s similarities to the picture found on the LP which Mickey showed her freaks her out. According to the artist, it will vanish with time. We learn that the tattoo symbolizes the Abeona butterfly—the name associated with the goddess who guards children.

Mickey returns home, though his mom has vanished. He dials Shira in a state of anxiety. They keep tabs on Kitty’s vehicle as they look for her. They reach the neighboring falls in this manner. Later, Mickey discovers his mom sobbing there by herself. It was obvious that she wasn’t prepared to leave the hospital. Following that, he comforts her.

A montage of odd events appears as the episode comes to a close. The tattoo artist destroys an image of Octoface because it is obvious that he was being deceitful. Man in sunglasses copies the hard drive of Mickey’s computer. Mrs. Friedman is being observed by Bat Lady on the surveillance cameras. The teacher also has good reason to believe that Bat Lady killed Mr. Vollmer.

Rachel arrives at the train station during the closing scene and goes into Ashley’s locker. A great deal of cash and numerous fake passports are kept inside the locker. Following this, Octoface shows up and claims that those things are not hers. She is in grave danger after being found by this enigmatic antagonist.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Harlan Coben’s Shelter continues to look into the abduction of university student Ashley Kent. The few hints that Mickey as well as his new companions Ema and Arthur have are followed throughout this episode. Additionally, Mickey pays a visit to his mother while she is receiving mental health care in a medical facility.

The show quickly turns structured, which is certainly not a negative aspect. The three teen actors play intriguing leads, and the probe into Ashley Kent’s vanishing is dealt with competently. Having said that, the numerous absurd mysterious subplots seem rather unnecessary. However, as a whole, the episode is incredibly thrilling and enjoyable to watch.

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