Hard Broken – Season 1 Episode 5 “Love on the 6th Floor” Recap & Review

Love on the 6th Floor

Hard Broken Season 1 Episode 5 picks up exactly where the previous one left off. Adam makes a diversion, stops by his office to get some cash, and meets the guy who has offered to unlock his phone.

Meanwhile, Surraiya is additionally spotted at Adam’s workplace. Saad then turns threatening and begins asking her personal questions about Yasmine’s lover. Surraiya, realizing she has no choice, admits that Yasmine had an affair with Dr. Youseff.

Saad shows up when Adam is with the thugs, who are demanding the phone first. In the end, Saad is the one who is shot. Fortunately, police arrive and take Adam and Saad into custody, along with the thugs.

After checking Yasmine’s secret phone at the station, the police discover her affair with Dr. Youseff. Following this, they tell Adam, who is devastated by the discovery that his late wife had an affair.

Dr. Youseff is currently holed up in a secret apartment. We learn that he used to use the same apartment to meet Yasmine. The next few scenes are flashbacks to when Yasmine sought solace in Dr. Youseff after being hounded and doubted by Adam.

Adam visits Saad and they discuss Yasmine while there. Saad then reveals that he dated Yasmine before he met Surraiya. In addition, he informs Adam that Yasmine left him after Adam came into her life.

The authorities have been searching for Dr. Youseff without success. Dr. Youseff gets a new phone and uses it to get in touch with Lana. She ultimately shares his new contact information with Adam and the authorities.

Adam and the police are on their way to Dr. Youseff’s hidden apartment in the final moments of the episode. Adam gets to the apartment first, and he barges in. Following this, Adam pulls out his gun and threatens Dr. Youseff, and the episode comes to a close. 

The Episode Review

In episode 5, the secret affair between Yasmine and Dr. Youseff is presented using flashbacks. Dr. Youseff, the latest suspect, is currently holed up in his secret apartment, and the police are conducting a search for him.

In this episode, we see how Adam’s continual mistrust and harassment of his wife led her to commit adultery—almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy on his end. In retrospect, we can see how his perception of women was influenced by his mother’s infidelity.

One can interpret Adam’s actions as him subconsciously seeking the recurrence of a traumatic experience from his past. It was as though he wanted to see his wife cheat like his mother did, so he actually drove Yasmine to it.

In no way does this excuse Yasmine’s infidelity, but it does show that it quite literally took two to tango here. The situation presented to us in the show is complex, making it impossible to arrive at a straightforward causality.

There is some clever thinking involved in the show, especially regarding the cheating and the way it connects to Adam’s past.

Having said that, the murder mystery aspects of this show are abysmal. The show seems to have numerous inconsistencies in its plot, the story is steered for the sake of shock value, and no hints are given to help the audience figure out the whodunit, all of which contribute to making this a terrible mystery.

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