Hard Broken – Season 1 Episode 4 “Passcode” Recap & Review


Hard Broken Season 1 Episode 4 opens with Dr. Youseff reminiscing about the way his affair with Yasmine began. When we see him in the clinic, Yasmine sobs because she feels like Adam has never trusted her. Following this, Dr. Youseff hugs her and offers comfort.

Adam, in the present, wakes up after a night of heavy drinking. The housekeeper waits to see if he needs anything. The maid then informs Adam that he needs to report to Sarah’s school shortly.

Dr. Youseff is spotted freaking out about Yasmine’s secret phone throughout the day. Despite Surraya’s reassurances that they will, in fact, find a way out, he remains anxious. He even manages to persuade Adam not to report the hidden phone to law enforcement.

Later that day, Sarah makes an unsuccessful attempt to end her life by drowning. However, Adam manages to save her.

All of Adam’s friends gather at his home after the horrific event. Adam is on the verge of noticing the maid acting suspiciously, but he doesn’t pursue it further.

The next thing you know, Dr. Youseff is at Adam’s house trying to locate Yasmine’s hidden phone but failing miserably. Even though Adam nearly catches him in the act, his excuse that he needs to use the washroom allows him to escape unaffected.

The following morning, Adam calls the police to let them know about Yasmine’s hidden phone. They call him with the hidden phone to the police station. Since the police can’t put all their faith in Adam, they have to hire private eyes to follow him around until he turns over the phone.

In the episode’s last minutes, Adam gets a call from an unknown man offering to unlock the phone for a fee. Adam would rather avoid damaging his reputation by going down this path to uncover the truth about his late wife. The episode concludes as he makes a sudden turn away from the police station, pursued by the undercover cops.

The Episode Review

Yasmine’s problematic secret phone is the major plot point in this episode. Dr. Youseff is worried that if Adam figures out how to unlock the phone, the truth of his affair with Yasmine will be revealed. Additionally, Sarah attempts to kill herself, which drives her already paranoid father over the edge.

This episode, like the previous ones, adds nothing to the overall narrative and is marred by terrible writing, excessive drama, and flat characters.

Adam’s final decision to go against the authorities leaves the episode on a cliffhanger. It will be interesting to see how the story develops in the upcoming episodes.

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