Hard Broken – Season 1 Episode 1 “Bloody Night” Recap & Review

Bloody Night

In Hard Broken Season 1 Episode 1, a couple is shown heading to the hospital’s emergency room. Yasmine has a stomach ache, and Adam is trying to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

As the pair proceeds towards the hospital, a perpetrator stops them and raises a gun to Yasmine’s head. Almost immediately after that, he shoots Yasmine in the chest and neck and Adam in the shoulder. The attacker then turns and leaves.

Adam is seen in a hospital bed, and we quickly learn that his wife Yasmine passed away. Adam and his friend Lana are both devastated by Yasmine’s death.

The case is currently being investigated. Yasmine’s business partner, Dr. Youseff, and Lana are the first people questioned by the investigators. As a result of their interrogation, the police now know that Yasmine and Adam’s friend Saad did not get along very well.

We are transported back in time to few hours before Yasmine was murdered. Saad turns up uninvited to Yasmine and Adam’s anniversary celebration. Yasmine is annoyed by his presence and confronts him about it. Saad leaves after they have an argument.

In the present day, Adam and Lana are asked by investigators if Yasmine was an addict. Adam asserts without hesitation that she was not. The postmortem examination subsequently reveals that she was under the influence of drugs the night she died. They reveal that, even if she hadn’t been murdered, she would have died anyway because she overdosed. Both Adam and Lana are taken aback by this information.

Saad is sought for questioning by the authorities, but they can’t seem to track him down. Not only is he not in sight, but his phone is also inactive.

Sarah, Yasmine’s daughter, is initially shielded from the news of her mother’s passing at home. On multiple occasions, she is heard asking about where her mother is. Her grandma eventually breaks the news to her that her mother passed away, and she comforts her.

The episode concludes with the investigators finally locating Saad. They speak with him, and he does nothing to hide his apathy towards Yasmine’s death. His distaste for her is also made quite clear.

The investigators have their doubts about Saad, even if they haven’t found any proof of wrongdoing on his part. When the investigators probe Saad further, he eventually reveals that Yasmine was involved in an extramarital relationship, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

At the beginning of the episode, a young woman named Yasmine is brutally murdered. As the authorities investigate, her friend group is thrown into chaos. The authorities thoroughly investigate the scene but come up empty-handed.

The pilot episode sets the stage for the remainder of the drama by introducing the murder and the primary characters. Saad, Adam’s friend, is presented to us as a potential suspect throughout this episode.

Murder, whodunits, and substantial drama are central to this episode. Furthermore, the show attempts to make us curious about Yasmine by having her friends and husband reminisce about her.

Unfortunately, the episode fails to make the audience care about her. Nonetheless, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the show to get better after the subpar pilot.


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