Happiness – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Taste Of Blood

Episode 10 of Happiness begins with Sae-Bom heading up to the 15th floor. However, there’s a problem. There’s a note left behind informing the residents he’s heading outside for help, suggesting they all share the food and drink among themselves.

At the same time, the newly infected Yi-Hyun communicates with Tae-Seok, asking to take Sae-Bom outside with Seo-Yoon. It’s obvious he’s trying to protect her incase he turns, and Tae-Seok senses something is up.

Yi-Hyun and Sae-Bom head up to investigate. In one of his drawers they find a vial of Next medicine. “Wrongdoing that he can’t take back” (the words written on the note) could well be a sign that he’s infected. But with no sign of breaking and entering downstairs, could it be that Se-Hoon paid someone to open it up.

The thing is, all the time he’s not at home, the other residents continue to grow angsty. They surround his door, pounding and asking for Se-Hoon to open up. With little choice, Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun open up the room and allow them all to share the food and drink. But also under specific instructions to only take some and leave Se-Hoon enough when he gets back.

As day turns to night, Yi-Hyun finds himself struggling with the infection. Sae-Bom senses something amiss and heads outside, where Yi-Hyun is sat with the radio. Yi-Hyun lies and claims she doesn’t have antibodies in her blood. He also tells her that beyond the cut on his hand, he’s not infected anywhere else. He manages to play it cool for now, but sooner or later he’s going to be found out.

Speaking of finding out, Yi-Hyun and Sae-Bom find the cleaning lady covered in lime (the same lime from Se-Hoon’s apartment) and very clearly dead. Sae-Bom immediately confronts Joo-Hyeong, given he’s a doctor. His diagnosis confirms that the woman has been dead for at least two days now. Her neck has been bitten too, meaning one of the infected is to blame. T

here’s no proof that Se-Hoon did it but this seems to be the assumption that everyone is jumping to.

Meanwhile, Young-In takes a turn for the worst. She has a nasty episode and tranquilizers don’t seem to be working. Instead, Tae-Seok immediately jumps on Sae-Bom’s blood sample, deciding to use this and test it on his wife. With little other choice, Kim warns that head office will catch wind of this and grow suspicious. However, Tae-Seok needs more time. Time they really don’t have.

In the wake of all this, lawyer Hae-Sung’s dirty secret with Sang-Hee is unveiled. So-Yoon is understandably disgusted in her partner. However, they still show up in the gym for another meeting with the residents. They warn that there could be more infected and decide to stat moving in groups.

The attention turns to the emergency power and turning it back on. The same emergency room that Se-Hoon told Yi-Hyun and Sae-Bom about in confidence. So how does Joo-Hyeong know about this as well?

It’s certainly suspicious but Yi-Hyun takes leave from the others and communicates with Tae-Seok. He’s made a decision. At 1pm the following day, Sae-Bom and Sae-Yoon will meet them down in the underground parking lot and be taken out the complex. Yi-Hyun decides to stay behind and watch over the other residents for the time being. Hearing this, Tae-Seok immediately realizes that the guy has been infected.

In the morning, Yi-Hyun tells Sae-Bom the good news. The thing is, she’s figured out that he’s infected. Yi-Hyun covers it up well, cutting his hand again to disguise the infection. Sae-Bom believes him… for now. The pair head up to Se-Hoon’s place but there’s a problem.

Lieutenant Kim communicates with Sae-Bom and tells her they’ve been doing a background check on those inside the complex. Guk-Jin was found dead in his home… meaning Andrew isn’t actually who he said he was. Se-Hoon is killed and thrown in the storage cupboard. In his rucksack are a whole bunch of lanyards for different residents.

With the secret out, this murderer charges down and stabs Hyun-Kook several times, leaving him bleeding out in a pool of his own blood. As Sae-Bom turns and sees him sitting and playing Jenga, this guy takes off his goggles and facemask, unveiling who he really is.

The Episode Review

What a great twist! Happiness returns with an uneasy and tense episode, one that sees the infected the least of their concerns. There’s a murderer among them now and it’s become increasingly clear that the apartment complex is full of shady and suspicious characters.

Yi-Hyun’s infection will almost certainly manifest in the next two episodes as well, while the other residents continue to slip further down into despair. There’s a real rabid sense of every man for themselves and this episode – and the one before to be fair – perfectly exemplify that.

Happiness has been a thoroughly enjoyable watch though, and the ending leaves things wide open for where this may go next.

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