Han River Police – K-drama Episode 6 Recap , Review & Ending Explained

Han River Police Apprehend Gold Smugglers

The final episode of Han River Police starts with Director Go and his men overseeing the authentication and packaging of the gold. At Han River Moonlight, Na-hee wakes up and scolds Hyo-sun for her involvement with Baek Chul, a rogue cop.

Hyo-sun defends him, saying he is not bad but takes up all responsibilities around him without asking for help. In retrospect, the reason for his involvement with Director Go is revealed. 

Some men threaten Eun-suk at her house after Won-jin’s death, looking for the gold he retrieved from the river. Baek Chul meets with Director Go later and promises to help with the smuggling so long as he leaves Eun-suk and Ha Jun alone. Hyo-sun tries to stop him, but he makes her promise not to tell Sergeant Han. 

Is Han Jun saved from the kidnappers? 

Baek Chul and his team arrive at the warehouse to deliver gold to Director Go in exchange for Han Jun. Director Go and his men attack them, but he has left the tracker Sergeant Han had previously used, so they arrive in time to help Baek Chul.

They are almost overwhelmed, but Detective Lee comes with more police officers, and they arrest all the men, including Director Go. Hence, Han Jun is rescued from Director Go and his men.

What happens to Baek Chul? 

During a fight with Hitter and Doctor, while saving Han Jun, Baek Chul is hurt saving Sergeant Han. He is taken to the hospital when Detective Lee arrives. At the end of the episode, he is admitted to the hospital and handcuffed to the bed with two guards at the door. Hyo-sun visits and he asks her to wait for him, meaning he will most likely be sent to jail for his part in the smuggling trade.

Is Detective Lee a dirty cop?

Detective Lee arrives at a warehouse in a secluded area, and inside, his partner Hyung-min is dumping the bodies of two men. He directs Hyung-min to burn the bodies and pour acid into the tank with the bodies. Later, after arresting Director Go, he tries to kill him following the directions of Chairman Hwang, which proves his involvement with the gold smuggling and Madam Choi.

However, Sergeant Han, who had insisted on getting into the car, stops him. When the car flips over after a fight, Hyung-min dies when Director Go kills him and flees with the gold. Sergeant Han saves Detective Lee from the burning vehicle, and his team arrives in time to take him away. However, his fate afterwards is not revealed. There is also the issue Na-hee had mentioned previously involving Gold and Detective Lee that is not explained. 

What happens to Director Go?

After escaping from the car accident after killing Hyung-min, he returns to the company to confront his uncle, Chairman Hwang. Madam Choi arrives, and a man comes to inform Chairman Hwang, which interferes with Director Go’s attempt to kill Hwang. In the elevator, Hwang attacks Director Go and kills the Chairman and the man accompanying them. 

Director Go then meets with Madam Choi and asks to finalize the deal. Madam Choi refuses and manages to escape when the police arrive. Director Go kills a bunch of Choi’s men and gets out of the building using a backdoor. However, Sergeant Han sees him, and a chase starts on foot, ending with boats on the Han River. 

Sergeant Han catches up to Director Go. They fight for a while, and Sergeant Han is wounded with a harpoon. Director Go attempts to flee by jumping into the water, but Sergeant Han will not let him go. Finally, he drowns.

How do the Han Police stop the smugglers? 

After the fight back in the warehouse, Cheon-seok notices some burnt paper and checks them out of curiosity. They were papers about the Kyungin River Cruise. After arriving at the accident scene, they pull a security card from Hyung-min’s pocket, leading them to the Kyungin River Marina Resort under construction.

The security guards at the gate stop them from entering, but the chief sends them back up, and they force their way into the building. They apprehend Chairman Hwang’s men and seize gold worth over 80 billion. However, Madam Choi is not mentioned, and she most likely can escape. 

Due to their fantastic contribution in discovering and stopping the gold smugglers, Cheon-seok is promoted to Captain, Sergeant Han is promoted to Lieutenant, and Corporal Ji-soo is promoted to Sergeant. Na-hee is added to their team, and together, they continue their patrol duty to protect the Han River. 

How does Han River end?

After his release from the hospital, Sergeant Han, Cheon-seok, and Ji-soo get their promotion. Once outside the station, they deliberate on what to do next, and Captain Cheon-seok suggests they go on patrol.

Na-hee comes out of their boat and tells them she is joining their team. Lieutenant Han says he will not work with her and asks that she leave the ship as a joke. However, when Sergeant Ji-soo tries to make a move on Na-hee, Lieutenant Han strictly forbids it, and Captain Cheon-seok mentions them being lovey-dovey. The episode ends with the four of them going to patrol the Han River. 

The Episode Review

The episode delivers no surprises and ends as any viewer would predict. The Han River Police apprehend the gold smugglers working for Chairman Hwang, and most of the bad guys are dead. The hatred between Baek Chul and Sergeant Han ends when they have to work together to save Han Jun.

Nothing was thrilling about the episode; it was just a wrap-up of the story developed over the last five episodes. The episode does not have a cliffhanger and handles all the basics. However, some ends were left open, like Madam Choi and what happens to Detective Lee after Sergeant Han saves him from the car.

Also, Director Go sinks into the river when Cheon-seok saves Sergeant Han, and we do not see his body being retrieved. Hence, whether or not he died is unclear. However, these loopholes are not captivating enough to wish for a few more episodes. However, another season with a different story and the Han River Police would be amazing. 

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