Han River Police – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Lost Gold

Episode 4 of Han River Police starts with Sergeant Han following Hitter back to the Kyungin River Cruise offices, but he loses him. Outside, the detective waits for him and is surprised when he realizes Sergeant Han knows about Palmi Island. Back in the office, Gi-seok is furious at Hitter for coming into the office and asks him to leave. Cheon-seok and a team of Han River police wait for Sergeant Han and Detective Jung-chan to return. 

Na-hee is among them, and she knows the detective since they used to work together before she transferred to the Han River Police force. Na-hee and Sergeant Han accompany the detective to Palmi Island.

Meanwhile, Chairman Hwang asks for an MOU from the mayor to get more investors interested in the Han River Development project. The mayor agrees on the condition that Chairman Hwang does not make any mistakes afterwards. 

Sergeant Han, the detective, and Na-hee arrive at Palmi Island. They go to the fish packing company that supplies the River Ferry. As they look around, someone attacks them, and Na-hee recognizes him as one of the people moving boxes into River Ferry.

The man mistakes them for some people he is trying to avoid and attacks them. They, however, manage to apprehend and question him. He tells them about some people who asked to use the furnace a few days back, but they paid them half the money and disappeared. He says he has no idea what they did with the furnace; he could only see red smoke from afar. 

Elsewhere, Chairman Hwang tries to trade the gold with a woman he meets at her office. He wants to trade one ton of gold, but the woman warns that they only deal 200kgs at a time to avoid disrupting the market. He requests that she make an exception. The woman agrees, but he will bring one ton and nothing less. If he tries to fool her, he will never be able to trade with them again. 

The detectives leave to meet with someone. Na-hee and Sergeant Han join Ji-soo and Cheon-seok for lunch. Ji-soo is unhappy since, without Sergeant Han, he had to do all the diving jobs alone. The team discusses what might have been hidden in the box of lobsters, and everyone thinks it is probably gold. Cheon-seok disagrees with their theories, saying Kyungin River Cruise is a successful company and does not need to smuggle gold. 

After lunch, they go on patrol. Sergeant Han and Ji-soo dive into the water to search for the missing box of lobster that Sergeant Han had noticed one of Baek Chul’s men trying to retrieve. They are ambushed before sending the box up, and someone else takes it from them.

Ji-soo is injured in the struggle, but Sergeant Han manages to take the mask from one of them and knows it is Baek Chul. He also put a tracker on the box.

He follows the tracker and finds Baek Chul loading the box into a car. Baek Chul does not stop when they ask him to, and a car chase ensues. Baek Chul loses them in the end and gets away.

Captain Do chews out Sergeant Han’s team for ignoring a radio dispatch call. The fishing village chief, Park Dong-sik, had jumped into the water while they were chasing after Baek Chul. They barely managed to get him out in time since they ignored the call. They managed to save his life, but recovery is not yet sure. 

Chairman Hwang learns about the lost gold and slaps Gi-seok. He directs him to get it back at any cost and eliminate Beak Chul and his team. He tells Gi-seok that they will all die if they do not get the concession contract.

Gi-seok takes out his anger and frustration on the Doctor and Hitter. He then sends them to the hospital to kidnap Han Jun and his mother, Eun-suk. Elsewhere, the detectives visit Chairman Hwang and get into a fight. Detective Jung-chan tells him that he almost committed the perfect crime, but his pawns let him down by leaving loose ends everywhere. 

Sergeant Han and Cheon-seok visit Park Dong-sik at the hospital while Baek Chul takes an injured Nam-gi to Han River Moonlight. Still at the hospital, Sergeant Han and Cheon-seok try visiting Han Jun, but he is not in his room. Two men in the hospital room attack, but they manage to apprehend them. Fortunately, Han Jun and Eun-suk are safe.

Sergeant Han and Cheon-seok drop Eun-suk and Han Jun at home. On the way back, they notice that Eun-suk left her bag in the car, and they drive back to drop it. Sergeant Han calls Eun-suk, but she does not pick up since her phone is silent in her sweater pocket. As Eun-suk and Han Jun enter the house, Hitter emerges from the shadows where he hides, waiting for them to return. 

The Episode Review

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers worried about what will happen to Eun-suk and Han Jun. The anxiety and fear of what will happen to them heightens the thrill and anticipation for the next chapter.

Gi-seok’s character is excellent here, as he evokes feelings of hate and pity. You hate him for being a bully but also pity him as he desperately seeks his uncle’s validation. Everything seems well mapped for the last two episodes, but I still hope to get unexpected twists.

 Also, there is a need for answers about the death of Han Won-jin that led to the fallout between Baek Chul and Sergeant Han. In addition, what is the Han River Development Project about, and who will kill Chairman Hwang if he does not deliver the concession contract? 

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