Han River Police – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Murder  Investigation of Captain Jeong Gwang-II

Episode 3 of Han River Police begins with Sergeant Han and his team checking out Baek Chul’s barge. It is at the collision site of the River Ferry. They want to check what’s in the boxes, but Baek Chul does not want to open them.

Seargent Han insists, which annoys Gi-Seok, and he attempts to attack him with a hammer. He breaks one of the boxes in the process, and lobsters fall out.

Cheon-seok steps in to resolve the conflict by warning Baek Chul and his team not to fish in the area as it is prohibited. He asks them to leave as soon as possible. Nam-gi tries to detach the raft from the cruise ship, but the machine malfunctions.

The gold bars covered fall out, and Gi-seok tries to hide by stepping on them. Seargent Han notices and tries to move closer to investigate. The raft shakes again, one of the gas containers hits Sergeant Han, and he falls overboard. The conflicts between Sergeant Han and Baek Chul are shown through flashbacks. 

When he comes to, he insists on chasing after Baek Chul, convinced that something is fishy. Baek Chul and his team rush out of their office yard on dirt bikes to deliver the gold. They are already gone by the time Sergeant Han and his team arrive. They chase after them using the remaining bikes, hoping to catch them.

Gi-seok leads Baek Chul and his team into a building where the doctor waits. Gi-seok wants to kill Baek Chul and his squad, but Baek Chul had anticipated the possibility and hides one of the gold boxes and fills it with stones. 

Sergeant Han and his team arrive at the buildings while Gi-seok continues to threaten Baek Chul with a group. Outside, Sergeant Han hears a gunshot and heads towards the sound. The doctor informs Gi-seok of the presence of cops outside, and he directs him to deal with it. Gi-seok lets Baek Chul and his team go and asks them to retrieve the goods. He threatens Baek Chul’s niece to be sure Baek Chul has no idea of stealing the gold.

Elsewhere, the police search through a fishing boat looking for illegal substances, but they find nothing. They think that the intel they have might be false. The police follow the captain to a public bathroom, and after torturing him, he reveals that he dropped the goods they are looking for at Palmi Island. The police get a call about the dead cruise captain, and they rush out of the public bathroom.

Baek Chul take Joong-taek to the hospital. Nam-gi is happy that Baek Chul hid some of the gold, but Baek Chul tells him they are not keeping them. Meanwhile, Sergeant Han breaks into Baek Chul’s office for evidence. Ji-soo notices their company has two corporate registrations and realizes they have changed their corporate name.

They try to determine why the corporate name changed, and Sergeant Han investigates the ship route. He notices that the ship docks at Palmi Island and remembers Park Dong-sik telling him about Chairman Hwang wanting to buy his family’s land at Palmi Island. Sergeant Han thinks the boxes might be related, but before they can deliberate further, they hear a bike stopping outside and hide. It turns out the new arrival is Do Na-hee. 

At the hospital, Nam-gi notices a police car approaching and alerts Baek Chul and Joong-taek. The nurse had called the police officer and told them about Joong-taek’s stab wound, and the police came to investigate. Baek Chul and his team leave before the police arrive. 

Gi-seok tries to get back investors for the Han River Development Project by asking an online reporter to make the signing of the agreement with the government go viral. Elsewhere, Sergeant Han and his team are asked to help the police detectives investigate the cruise captain’s murder.

Although Sergeant Han does not like it, he agrees to help the detectives with the investigation. They head to Kyungin Cruise Company to question Gi-seok. Gi-seok holds that he knows nothing, but Sergeant Han almost corners him into admitting he knew the dead captain. In the end, he maintains that he does not recall anything. On the way out, Sergeant Han spots one of Gi-seok’s men and follows them. 

The Episode Review

The episode is overall predictable and relaxed without any major thrilling incidents. Am I the only one who thinks the police detective Jung-chan’s demeanour screams bad cop? Probably, he is not because that would be a significant plot twist. 

This episode provides a glimpse of what happened to Sergeant Han’s brother, but the whole incident still leaves the viewer in suspense. What is the deal with Palmi Island? Is it only about the gold, or is there something more Chairman Hwang is involved in?

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