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After it’s intriguing pilot episode earlier this year, many anticipated Amazon Prime’s latest action thriller Hanna, to capitalize on its early momentum, delivering an adrenaline soaked roller-coaster ride from start to finish. In reality, Hanna’s 8 episodes feel like a watered down version of the film it’s based on, failing to really justify its longer run-time with a story that doesn’t quite inspire the right level of excitement it probably should.

The events of the series follow closely to the plot of the movie. At the heart of the story lies Hanna, a young girl whose upbringing consists of hunting, training and living in isolation with her Dad after being taken from a secret facility as a baby. Tirelessly hunted by the Government, Hanna finds herself in a fight for her life as the authorities eventually find her and her Dad, with the ensuing chaos that follows, paving the way for the drama in this series. As the action spills over to the civilized world, Hanna meets British teenager Sophie and experiences the true thrills of adolescent life.

Torn in her desire to fit in with other teenagers whilst living up to her true potential as a well-trained operative, Hanna’s Father’s past is slowly revealed, unveiling layers of the puzzle and just why the authorities are hunting them in the first place. All of this builds up to a climax that sees Hanna embrace her past, ending the series with a bang.

In many ways, this action-thriller feels more akin to the Bourne films than a pure action title. A lot of the episodes do a good job keeping the tension going but ultimately feel overlong for the story being told. The exploration into Hanna’s past and finding out more about her Father are certainly key points that keep you watching through to the end but as an action series, Hanna really doesn’t do enough to warrant its bloated run-time.

It’s a shame too as some of the content here is really good and much like the film before it, the little twists and turns along the way keep things consistently unpredictable as Hanna runs closer toward the truth and the inevitable fight to follow. Merging this with the coming-of-age drama does give the series a young-adult slant too and perhaps in many ways, those unfamiliar with the film or even teenagers may well get more out of this one.

Still, there’s enough here to enjoy but Hanna does feel like a bit of a missed opportunity as well. Compared to the film itself, Amazon Prime’s take on this story fails to really capitalize on the success of its pilot episode. It’s not a bad series per-se but it’s also not a particularly memorable one either. Next to so many other action thrillers in this genre, Hanna fails to carve itself a unique slice of the action-espionage pie.


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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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