Halo – Season 2 Episode 2 “Sword” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Halo Season 2 begins with a strange encounter between Dr Halsey and a brunette, where the girls tell Halsey what she sees in her visions. The girl also talks about a strange man who leaves gifts for Halsey, but before Halsey can press her further for answers, the girl gets a nosebleed and falls unconscious.

Back on the planet, we learn that the Silver team has been benched until further notice. John asks Kai if she thinks he is acting odd or is mentally broken. John also confides that he has seen Makee at Sanctuary. This surprises Kai, as she was the one who put a bullet in Makee towards the end of season 1.

John also learns that Ackerson has put the Cobalt team on standby, despite John’s pleas not to do so, until they’ve proper intel about the Covenant threat. In response, John asks Ackerson about the Cobalt team, asking if they’re alive or dead, but the latter once again dismisses everything John says. Ackerson also tells John that the marines he had rescued from Sanctuary have no recollection of what happened there. 

As the episode progresses, we also get a brief glimpse of Kwan-ha as she tries to fend off her attackers, who have tracked her beacon and plan to sell her as a slave to earn credits. This has been happening on a daily basis ever since Soren was captured. Fortunately, thanks to the tricks taught to Kwan-ha by her father, she kills both the attackers.

Fortunately, she has made some friends as well, especially Kessler, Soren’s son. We also see that Soren’s crew has been lying to their teeth, claiming they’re doing whatever they can to find Soren. This is a lie, as they’re the ones who intentionally abandoned him on the broken ship. 

Kwan-ha isn’t the only one dealing with issues; Riz is severely hurt as well, following the battle at the end of the season 1 finale. Riz is having a hard time focusing on both herself and training. However, Riz doesn’t tell anyone about it, as she believes that she’ll be seen as weak and unreliable. 

Master Chief decides to go over Ackerson’s head and plans to find Cobalt on his own to prove to everyone that Covenant is gearing up for something big. However, despite this, Master Chief pushes  Riz to the edge, stating that they can’t still idle while Covenant is preparing for attack. This concerns Kai, but she still believes John will be able to pick himself up again. He just needs time to forget the past, Kai says to Ackerson. 

As for John, he visits the surviving marine, Talia’s house, asking why she lied in her report about failing to remember what transpired. John also can’t refuse when Talia’s mother asks him to stay for dinner, believing they’re dating each other.

When they’re alone, Talia reveals that at Sanctuary, she noticed Covenant while they’re up the hill fixing the relays. However, she chooses to lie because she blames herself for being the only survivor. 

As the episode progresses, we learn that it is Ackerson who has been putting Hasley through the same scenario over and over again. Ackerson is also the man whom the girl has been describing.

It is also revealed that Ackerson is now in control of Cortana and has been keeping Halo Keystone, an artifact the Spartans found on Madrigal. Cortana also says that there’s a 97 probability of something happening, but we’re not told what these numbers mean.

As the episode nears its end, John finally decides to disobey every single order Ackerson has given him. He uses the UNSC computers and finds out that the Cobalt team has never left Reach. John finally figures out what Covenant was planning. In reality, Covenant is disrupting relays before glassing the planet. They had done this with Sanctuary, and Reach is next, if not stopped. 

John is right, as in the next scene, we see Makee (she didn’t die in season 1) and Covenant forces infiltrating the UNSC base, killing Marines, and getting their hands on another halo keystone.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Halo keeps the suspense and action going strong, just like the first one. We finally get a clearer picture of what the Covenant is up to. They infiltrate Reach, attack the stationed marines, snatch the keystone, and it looks like they’re gearing up to “glass” the place next, just like Sanctuary.

But why were they at Sanctuary in the first place? It’s possible they were searching for something – maybe another keystone or some ancient artifact that could help them win the war. 

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