Halflives – Inferno | Album Review

Track Listing

Everybody Knows It
Sorry Mom x 
Everything Sucks 

Burning to be different and trying to escape the gritty parts of life may beat you down and cause you pressure. However, if you stick at it, it’s all worth it in the end. But if you choose someone who isn’t reliable to pick you up, this could create friction, break your mental health, and cause you to end up cascading into an abyss thick with darkness and drenched in alcohol. This pattern may start to grow, causing hope to dwindle, and the fears you’ve staved off could send you to the infirmary.  

There’s a band named Halflives that knows that they’re one moment away from subsiding into this void, though it’s their music that holds them in a firm place, stopping them from falling into a sector where all goodness becomes drained. The music they have produced is paramount and far from being glossy, which is a good thing, as they don’t want to be hailed as a group of pop stars. 

Their EP, Inferno, blasts open the fever. ‘Everybody Knows It’ is the opening track, and it begins as a rock song with a grungy edge. The chorus is intense, and the track describes insanity.

‘Sorry Mom x’ opens softly, and the lyrics point to pessimism. The guitars lift the track to the top, and the lyrics convey hopelessness and a desire for attention.

‘Dynamite’ opens softly and the vocals are angelic. It delivers true rock charms, and the chorus intensifies. It’s a great play on words, and the song increases the vibes.  

Halflives is a band that is hurting, but they know music is their true therapy.    

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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