Haken – Fauna | Album Review

Track Listing 

The Alphabet Of Me
Sempiternal Beings
Beneath The White Rainbow
Island In The Clouds
Elephants Never Forget
Eyes Of Ebony


Haken desires change with their album Fauna. A progressive band, they have penned songs that tackle conformity and their sound is massive. Highly intelligent lyrics are evident; words that portray moments of hope when it seems to be dying a terrible death. Music like this has the energy to ruffle a music industry that seems to cater more to pop.

Fauna is unconventional, and it’s okay as it breaks rules. Progressively sophisticated, it doesn’t stick to a formula or any template, and the music certainly hasn’t been done to death. It has fresh foundations and finely tuned instrumentals that are majestically implemented, and everything is well structured.

To be perfectly honest, this record is monumental for a band that is technically gifted, an act that have delivered something drenched in realis and that loudly depicts honesty. Some bands have the ability to change perceptions and some have the knack for creating a piece of artistry which overthrows the common sound – Haken is one of those bands.

‘Taurus’ starts the record off with blistering pace. Everything slows down, and the vocals come in elegantly until the chorus cuts through. The tight instrumentals show the band’s adeptness, while ‘Sempiternal Beings’ is an 8 minute colossus, a song that showcases Haken’s lyrical prowess and their ability to create a surging atmosphere. Every lyric demands attention, as well as every chime.

‘Island In The Clouds’ perfectly describes the band’s qualities as a metal force. Subtleness creeps in until the drama unfolds, letting the instrumentals come together to create anarchy.

Overall, Haken is a metal band that is immensely talented and focused, delivering tracks brimming in honesty and flair.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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