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Hail The Sun – Divine Inner Tension | Album Review

Track Listing

Tunnel Vision Alibi 
Mind Rider 
60-Minute Session Blocks 
The Story Writes Itself 
(In My Dream) 
I Saw You Hanging 
Feeble Words 
Little Song 
Under the Floor


Soaring choruses are evident and love is assessed with big bold eyes on this LP by Hail The Sun. The band has instilled stability into their sound with this one and the remarkable guitar riffs enforce a steady and deep progression. From the beginning of the record, the volatility drills through, making for a loud but complete listen.

Lyrically the band describe a failing world, the upheavals and the egotistical people who try to rule the rooms and the spaces where everyone should be welcomed and noted. With that being said, this act doesn’t hold back on their statements of intent, their war cries, and their screams and growls.

It’s a dark listen, properly sourced from minds which have broken. Every theme is accounted for, and used to its full potential, with the band using their experiences as material. The vocal work has to be applauded also, as it complements the rousing instrumentals seamlessly.

‘Tunnel Vision Alibi’ starts the record off with loud intentions. The vocals power in and the guitars set the scene and the marker. That chorus sparks fury, and the lyrics convey hopelessness, though it’s all creative.

‘Maladapted’ opens with volatile edges, and the emotions spill over. The percussion work is pleasing, breaking through the curdling screams. It’s another blast of emo meets rock.

‘Feeble Words’ begins slowly and doesn’t rise much. It soothes the senses, and the lyrics are crafted poetically. Every word means something here, every poetic strand demands attention.

Hail The Sun has created a record dark in subject matter but it has its creative notes and raucous choruses.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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