Gyeongseong Creature – K-Drama Part 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Gyeongseong Creature Episode 7 begins with Chae-ok walking through the creature’s carnage, her mother’s carnage. Tae-sang walks in and he’s in a bad, bloody state. Tentacles flow out of his back and stab into Chae-ok. But it’s only a dream and she suddenly wakes up. She’s in a room on her own but clearly not in the hospital. A flashback shows Chae-ok leaving the hospital, looking back at Tae-sang. In reality, Tae-sang seems to be lying on a pile of bones.

Sixteen hours earlier, Tae-sang and group get ready for their escape. They use bedsheets to form a rope and start leading people out the window. Tae-sang tells Chae-ok to stand in line but she refuses. She straight up asks if he has feelings for her which he dismisses, but not convincingly. Suddenly, a soldier enters the room and the Korean soldier, Choi Yeong-gwan, shoots him dead. The sound alerts the other soldiers. Despite Tae-sang’s protests, he and Chae-ok create a barricade and decide to hold off the soldiers while the others escape. Yeong-gwan joins them.  

Sergeant Hanada and his soldiers arrive and the shootout begins. Elsewhere, Ishikawa asks Ichiro what is happening in his hospital. Ichiro insinuates that Lady Maeda knows what’s happening. He also says that no Korean will be allowed to leave, not even Ishikawa’s woman.

Tae-sang is grazed by a bullet but Yeong-gwan is in a worse state and bleeding out profusely. Chae-ok tries to pull him to safety but he gives her a memento for his mother and soon passes away. Tae-sang tells Chae-ok it’s not her fault. Once again, Tae-sang reiterates his insistence on surviving this ordeal.  

All the prisoners have gone and Chae-ok starts her descent. Before she does, Tae-sang holds her hand briefly. Once she’s gone, Tae-sang tells In-hyeok that one of them has to stay behind.

Hanada receives orders to capture the Koreans alive but having lost his own men to them, he refuses.  

In-hyeok comes down but after he does, the rope is dropped to the ground. The window closes. Tae-sang is staying behind to distract the officers and give them more time. Chae-ok can’t believe it and wants to go back but all of the other lives at stake convince her to leave. Manager Gu also tears up as he starts up the car.

Hanada orders his men to kill the Koreans anyway. They rush into the hallway where Tae-sang single-handedly fights back, getting gravely injured in the process. He soon runs out of bullets. Ishikawa exits the building and the trucks follow him out, including Gu’s car. Tae-sang is back in the vents but it doesn’t take long for Hanada to send soldiers there. While running for his life, Tae-sang falls down an open chute that drops him into a room full of bones.

Elsewhere, Nawol is selling one of the pawnshop’s prized possessions. Jun-taek’s father is waiting on the street in his car when a vehicle drops someone off. It’s Jun-taek, tied up and begging for mercy. Nawol is in a rickshaw nearby and nods at Jun-taek.

The truck with the prisoners drops Myeong-ja off and Ishikawa gets out of his car to receive her. She hugs him but he tells her she should have a bath first.  

At the hospital, Ichiro finds that Myeong-ja is gone. The remaining soldiers tell him and Kato that they were betrayed by Mr. Soma, the man who made a deal with Tae-sang. Kato also notices that the water in the cup on his desk is gone. Only four people could have had it — Chae-ok, Tae-sang, Myeong-ja or Mr. Soma.

Tae-sang wakes up in the room of bones but immediately finds himself facing Hanada, who is holding a gun to his head. We hear gunshots but we don’t see exactly what happens then.

Manager Gu tries to lose the other police truck following him but it proves difficult. Ultimately, the police truck gets stuck in a crowd of people dancing on the street. So this is why the gramophone was set up. Young-chun announces to the crowd that the food and drinks are for free, sponsored by Jang Tae-sang. The police truck goes the roundway and ends up stopping in front of Gu’s car. But when they check his truck, it is empty.

A flashback shows that all the prisoners were given clothes by Tae-sang’s tailor. They changed and exited the truck as regular citizens. At the back of a tailor’s shop, Nawol was waiting with a long line of rickshaws. In-hyeok informed Nawol that Tae-sang didn’t make it out. When In-hyeok asks if this was the plan from the start, Nawol repeats the statement of Tae-sang being the go-to person for anything in Bonjeong.

Nevertheless, the policemen arrest Gu and raid the partygoers, searching for the prisoners. The rickshaws slip through the chaos. Chae-ok and her father are in one of them and she notices that the cherry blossoms are finally falling.

Lady Maeda is told that Ishikawa will not be coming home that night. In a house elsewhere, Ishikawa embraces Myeong-ja once she’s bathed and clean again.

Ichiro deeply apologises to Maeda, who was the one who built him the hospital in the first place. She tells him to step down. Trying to keep his position, he tells Maeda about the creature. She sees drawings of the monster along with Seishin’s information. Turns out, Maeda was the one who asked Ichiro to keep an eye on Seishin all those years ago.

At the moment, Seishin is sedated by nitrogen. Kato wonders who would have had the cup of water on his desk. Inside the room of bones, Hanado seems to be dead but Tae-sang is still alive, although injured and weak. While stumbling out of the place, he leaves a black colour handprint on the wall.

At a countryside house, Yeong-gwan’s mother finds her sewing machine returned with her son’s memento tied to it. She holds it and cries.

A mid-credit scene of Gyeongseong Creature Episode 7 shows the Najin flowing under Myeong-ja’s skin.

The Episode Review

This is the first Gyeongseong Creature episode that feels a tad slow in pace, compared to the others. But this lag is well earned after six episodes of a fast-moving plot and allows for the emotional impact to settle in instead — particularly the significance of Tae-sang’s sacrifice.

If the previous episode shows Han So-hee’s acting prowess, this one shines a light on Park Seo-joon, and does he deliver! That short speech about how he is determined to live was fantastic and his parting look towards Chae-ok (the hand grab!) was just a cherry on top. And it wasn’t a lie either since Tae-sang is still very much fighting to survive as evident in Gyeongseong Creature Episode 7.

All in all, Part 1 of Gyeongseong Creature comes to a satisfying close. It wraps up one chapter of the story, with a successful escape for the innocent prisoners and gets Chae-ok and Joong-won out too. At the same time, there is plenty left to cover like Seishin’s fate, Tae-sang being trapped and the arrival of a new monster.

In fact, this makes me wonder if Part 2 will really cover all that it needs to. But so far the series has given us a thrilling and well-written story, so there’s no reason to assume otherwise!

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