Gyeongseong Creature – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review


Gyeongseong Creature Episode 5 starts with a meeting between Jun-taek and other Korean fighters for independence. Jun-taek tells them about an important fundraiser coming up where they can attack important Japanese officials, which he learnt about from his father. The group plans to blow the event up using dynamite.

But then Lee In-hyeok, one of his comrades, is captured for sedition and taken to Ongseong Hospital. We see In-hyeok being pushed inside a cell in the hospital’s underground prison.

At present, Jun-taek finds his way to the prison and to Lee In-hyeok. But turns out, he’s not here to free him but to find out where In-hyeok hid the dynamite. In-hyeok refuses to tell him until he’s free. All of a sudden, soldiers surround Jun-taek.

Elsewhere, the monster attacks Tae-sang. Chae-ok shoots it and they start running away. Joong-won hears the shots and follows as well. Chae-ok and Tae-sang manage to enter a room and shut the metal door before the monster can get in. Outside, Joong-won sets a trail of gunpowder on fire to distract the creature. It can’t seem to cross the wall of fire.

Inside, Chae-ok and Tae-sang are faced with a large group of soldiers. Tae-sang convinces Chae-ok to stand down and drop her knife. The Korean soldier who was previously working with Chae-ok is there too and he picks up her knife later on.

Meanwhile, Ichiro tells his soldiers off for failing to keep the creature in check. They say the elevator has been shut down and machine guns are present at every staircase. Jun-taek is brought to Ichiro who recognises him as the son of the owner of Bugang Company. Jun-taek is taken to a cell and tied up.

While being taken to prison, Tae-sang is pulled away by another officer, separating him from Chae-ok. Lieutenant Kato makes notes on the creature while Tae-sang and Chae-ok are both interrogated. The man interrogating Tae-sang turns out to know about his deal with Ishikawa.

He tells Tae-sang to set him up in Gyeongseong with money and a house and in return he’ll let Tae-sang go. Tae-sang refuses to do so if he can’t leave with Chae-ok and Myeong-ja. Meanwhile, Kato intervenes in Chae-ok’s interrogation, putting a stop to the Colonels’ raining fists.

Back in Gyeongseong, Nawol and Manager Gu worry about Tae-sang. Jun-taek’s father is called for a meeting with Ichiro. In prison, Jun-taek is injected with something and told to write his comrades’ names on a piece of paper. A flashback shows Jun-taek and Tae-sang talking after a lavish party. They’ve been friends for over ten years and Jun-taek still keeps asking him to join the patriotic cause.

Tae-sang is with Jun-taek’s comrades inside the prison. He reveals that he did make a deal with the Japanese officer. He got the officer to send a message to Nawol, empty the prison of guards and even leave Tae-sang with a key to the prison lock. Tae-sang lets himself out and locks the door again, but leaves the key with the other men. He tells them to stay put for thirty minutes.

Kato speaks with Chae-ok, who tells Kato she knows what they did at Manwol Island. Apparently, there was one such creature there as well. Chae-ok reveals her search for her mother and Kato realises she’s the woman he turned into the monster. He then places a glass of water in front of her, but on his desk, one of the vials is now empty.

Tae-sang watches as Chae-ok is sent back to the prison cell. The Korean soldier secretly slips her knife into her hands. Outside, Jun-taek’s father begs Ichiro to forgive his son. Even after giving him a suitcase full of cash. After Ichiro leaves, Nawol and Gu approach Jun-taek’s father with a plan to save his son.

In her prison cell, Chae-ok notices words written in blood on the wall – “I miss you Chae-ok, my dear daughter”. Tae-sang knocks out the two soldiers guarding Chae-ok and lets her out. She insists they go their separate ways since she has to find her mother now that she knows she’s here.

Tae-sang is too concerned to allow that but Chae-ok simply gives him a hug in the middle of his protests. She can’t let ten years of searching for her mother go in vain. She turns to leave and Tae-sang pulls her into another hug before she finally goes.

Meanwhile, Jun-taek is distraught but writes down Tae-sang, Chae-ok, Joong-won, and In-hyeok’s names on the sheet in front of him. Tae-sang rushes back to the prison to find the doors open and the cells empty. Once again, he comes face to face with the creature.

Chae-ok makes her way to Kato’s office and demands to know where her mother is, just as Tae-sang shoots at the monster at the end of Gyeongseong Creature Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Gyeongseong Creature Episode 5 continues the show’s high pace and sense of thrill. Both storylines are interconnected and it’s interesting to see the characters from both sides interact with one another.

Chae-ok’s fight with the Colonel who was assaulting her is bound to come full circle now that she’s out of the prison. Her conversation with Kato was fascinating as well, we can see the wheels turning behind Kato’s eyes as he realises whose daughter she is.

Jun-taek’s backstory unravels as well and it’s a compelling one — the rich man’s son who decided to devote his privilege to the country’s independence. We learn more about his character too. His determination brought him all the way inside the hospital, with no plans to save his partner but only to find out where the dynamite it. That’s cold.  

A lot of the story now hinges on the reveal that Chae-ok’s mother is the monster. This is a heavily emotional detail which is bound to shake things up for Chae-ok and her father. It’s an uncanny feeling to know the information beforehand and wait all these episodes for the realization to finally drop.

And now Chae-ok may have had the glass of water Kato gave her! The stakes keep rising and our main leads’ stirring hug just makes it all the more compelling.

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