Gunpowder Milkshake Ending Explained – Have the sisterhood met their match?

Gunpowder Milkshake Plot Synopsis

Gunpowder Milkshake is a pretty straight forward action thriller, taking cues from Kill Bill and John Wick. At the centre of this conflict lies Samantha, a woman who works for a shadowy company known as The Firm after her Mother Scarlet disappeared 15 years prior. Sam has now taken her mother’s place as a ruthless assassin.

Unfortunately, a botched mission leads to crime boss Jim McAlester’s son accidentally killed. Predictably, his father is out for revenge. To complicate matters further, a bout of misfortune sees Samantha tasked with looking after 8-year-old Emily while her Father David is rushed to hospital.

What follows is a blood-soaked crusade as Samantha battles through disposable goons, eventually teaming up with the Sisterhood and a familiar face from the past.

Who are the sisterhood?

The Sisterhood are a trio of assassins using a librarian front as a disguise. We first see them during the film’s opening act when Sam is escaping from The Firm and in need of some weaponry.

They’re tough as nails and have ties with Scarlet too. They just so happen to be her mother’s old associates, Madeleine, Florence, and Anna May. They have a pretty tight-knit bond that’s clear to see throughout the movie.

In a way, their library feels reminiscent of the Continental Hotel in John Wick. However, the library is not a safe haven.

Does everyone survive the library fight?

During the second half of the film, Jim is dead-set on capturing Samantha and Emily. After regrouping with her estranged Mother and escaping out the apartment, the trio make it to the library where a reunion ensues.

There, the girls make their last stand as they all fight against these men in their own ways. The only one who doesn’t fight (to begin with) is Madeleine who hides with Emily in a getaway van. When things start getting hairy, she gives Emily a Walkman to drown out the barrage of bullets with music.

With Madeleine manning a machine gun, Jim McAlester’s nephew Virgil enters the room. She blasts the man with a barrage of bullets but it’s Virgil who gets the last laugh. He shoots her in the heart but then conveniently runs out of bullets.

As the pair square off toe to toe, Madeleine is killed. This leads to Emily being kidnapped, setting up the final suicide mission.

Does Sam survive the ordeal at the diner?

Emily is captured and taken to the diner where McAlester and his men sit waiting for Sam. They agree to let the girl go in exchange for her giving up and turning herself in to them. Believing this is a suicide mission, Sam expects the worst and prepares to protect Emily no matter what.

However, the big twist is that all the diner workers are actually the sisterhood in disguise. As Samantha takes Emily outside, a big shootout takes place in slow motion, with all the goons dead (including Jim McAlester) and the women leaving victorious.

Is The Firm still trying to kill Samantha?

After the big firefight with McAlester, Samantha and Nathan come to an agreement. Sam doesn’t want to kill him as she knows someone else will just take his place. Sam orders Nathan to tell the partners at the Firm that they need to leave the sisterhood alone. She wants a peaceful future away from the assassin life.

Nathan agrees and offers to do his best to change things. As the movie closes out, we see Emily has forgiven Sam for killing her Father too, with justice swiftly served to all the men that have wronged her.

The final shot shows the girls all driving off on the coast, leaving things open for a possible sequel. After all, can Nathan really be trusted to do the right thing? Or will be simply up the stakes and call in reinforcements to take the women out no matter what? We’ll have to wait and see!


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