Gulmohar (2023) Ending Explained – Does Arun come back home?

Gulmohar Plot Summary

Gulmohar is a family drama that brings out the complexities of familial relationships. The story revolves around the Batra family, who spent their years in the Gulmohar Villa but are now being forced to sell it. Kusum Batra is the oldest in the family whose late husband Vir bought the house. While everybody gets ready to move into an apartment, Kusum makes the startling announcement that she has bought a bungalow in Pondicherry and will be moving there for good. She then asks the family to spend four more days in the house until the festival of Holi, so they can all celebrate one last time together.

The family consists of Kumu’s adopted son Arun and his wife, Indu; their son Adi and his wife Divya; their daughter Amu who is in a college band, and their daughter Priya who is married and lives with her in-laws. Outside of the family living in Gulmohar Villa, there is also Vir’s younger brother Sudhakar, who disapproves of Kusum and her ways; his son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

Over the course of the next couple of days, a number of conflicts arise. Adi struggles to make his father understand his wish to stay separately while managing his floundering startup. Amu’s problems with her boyfriend come to light when Kusum catches her and her friend Deepika together — they are in love. The biggest crisis of all comes when a letter comes to light. Arun’s father’s will where he left the house to his ‘real’ descendants, his brother and nephew. Things come to a head and an upset Arun leaves the house.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Gulmohar ends!

Does Arun meet his biological father?

Frustrated, Arun goes to a hotel. Indu arrives soon after and berates him for disappearing with no means of contact. He opens up to her about how he feels like everything has changed.

Later, Arun takes Indu to the spot on the road that he always visits. From here, he watches his birth father. He found him after his adoptive father died but never crossed the road to approach him. She says that’s because he is afraid of change. She urges him to step out of the car.

Arun crosses the road to meet his biological father who runs a small stall with the help of a young boy. He gives him tea, with hands that shake just the way that Arun’s do. They talk and the old man confesses that he had a son but left the baby near a hospital and wished him a happy life. Arun argues that one can’t wish for happiness for their child, it must be given. The old man retorts that Arun can give his children happiness because he has the ability to do so. The old man doesn’t have the same privilege. He then calls out to the young boy to help with something.

Arun goes inside the small room the boy comes out of and takes a look around. He looks at the meagre contents of the room, picks up a photograph of a younger version of the old man along with a woman and then keeps it back. Then he leaves.

Does Amu tell Ankur the truth?

When Kusum catches Amu with Deepika, they sit down and talk. Kusum accepts Amu and her decisions completely and opens up about her own past, about how she had fallen in love with a girl named Supriya Palekar while studying in college. But at the time she was too afraid to pursue it and came home, where she met her late husband. She tells Amu that love, whatsoever its shape and nature, is love.

Towards the end, Amu does indeed tell Ankur the truth about her feelings right before their concert. He is shocked and, naturally, feels betrayed. She apologises to him. When they go on stage it takes Ankur a while but he ultimately begins to play the music. Amu sings and their band performs well. She smiles at her girlfriend.

Does Adi get the job?

While looking through old photographs, Adi tells Divya about how he couldn’t learn to ride a bike when he was young despite his father’s efforts. Throughout his life he felt like he didn’t make Arun proud and wanting to live separately and grow his business was his way of trying to do so.

Adi goes for the job interview at Kishore’s workplace. They ask about his startup and if he’s willing to stop working on it if he takes up the job. He thinks about it but eventually says no. At that moment, Divya turns up at the door and asks Adi to step out for two minutes. When he does so, she tells him to turn the job down. She convinces him that they can manage whatever income they have and cut corners but he shouldn’t give up on his dream. She also says if he needs it he can ask his father for money. His father would, in fact, be proud to be a part of his dream.

Adi declines the job. Outside, they meet Kishore and Adi apologises for the trouble he went to. They then borrow Kishore’s bike, with Divya driving, and set off home.

Does Reshma return Jeetu’s feelings?

Reshma hands a letter to Irfan and tells him to find Jeetu and give it to him. Meanwhile, Jeetu goes and tells Kusum that he will be returning to his village. Irfan and Param find Jeetu and give him the letter but he’s still bitter and doesn’t want to go running back. Irfan berates him for being shamed of his lack of education and tells him Reshma will make his life better.

Jeetu shuts himself away for a while but ultimately comes back and asks Irfan to read out what Reshma wrote. The letter says, “Don’t forget me, I’ll be missing you.” Along with it is the photograph of Jeetu with two Bollywood actors. He thought he lost it but apparently, Reshma had stolen it. Jeetu smiles.

Later on, Reshma lights a lamp inside the house and finds a flower by the window sill. Beneath it is her letter with some added words – “I’ll return one day, don’t forget me.” Jeetu stands outside the window and smiles at her.

Does everyone come back home?

At Gulmohar Villa, Sudhakar arrives to pick up the will and other papers from Kusum. As she hands them over she also gives him a piece of her mind, telling him she wasn’t lenient with her children but in fact, taught them how to live life fully.

Kusum gets up to leave. As Sudhakar gets up, the table next to him falls over along with the glass of water on top of it. Everything, including the will, is drenched. She says it was meant to be.

Alone at home, Kusum walks through the garden. One of the maids asks if she should light the lamp for the day before Holi. A voice says yes, it’s Arun. He and Indu have arrived and behind them follow Amu, Adi and Divya. Reshma and Jeetu join the party as well and they all light the pyre of wood for Holika Dahan together.

How does Gulmohar end?

The film ends on the day of Holi with the entire family enjoying the festivities of the day as music plays in the background. When they are all sitting around, chatting, Arun’s uncle mentions to Kusum that the singer Supriya Palekar has also moved to Pondicherry recently. Kusum winks at Amu.


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