Griselda – Season 1 Episode 5 “Paradise Lost” Recap & Review

Paradise Lost 

Griselda episode 5 starts with a time jump of three years; by this time, Griselda has firmly cemented herself as the drug kingpin in Miami. She is married to Dario, and they have a son named Michael. Businesswise, Griselda has brought in Rivi to help her run the empire she has built.

On the other hand, CENTAC is doubling down on their effort to arrest Griselda, but they are running out of funding. June and Diaz present their case in front of the congress in Washington, DC, hoping to get the financing they need to keep their unit together. June deciphered Griselda’s code and identified her stash houses. They try to convince Congress to allow them to set surveillance on these stash houses and gather more evidence against Griselda. However, Diaz and June believe that the Miami PD has been compromised and the job solely lies with CENTAC.

Back in Miami, Griselda is not scared that CENTAC is trying to get Congress to fund their operations to catch her. She is intent on carrying on with business like usual. However, as expected, there are a few challenges. One of them is Rafa, who introduces John Roberts to Griselda. Now, John is a man full of ideas and influence in South Florida, and Rafa thinks he would be a great help in supply.

Griselda thinks Rafa is trying to teach her how to run the show and humiliates him and his friends. In this scene, we catch a glimpse of the real state of things in Griselda’s house. Dario and her are not in a good place. Dario seems to think Griselda is listening too much to Rivi and is using a lot. There is also her son Dixon, who has let his mom’s stature in the drug business go to his head, along with all the drugs he is taking. He seems on the cusp of losing it, but Griselda is too busy to notice this. She only assures him that they are untouchable. 

Griselda thinks she can handle everything on her plate. She plans to make Diaz look like a bad cop by putting money in his bank account and ratting him out to the press. Diaz is left with no choice but to give up his job as the lead detective in CENTAC. He is reassigned to a different unit while June and Al replace him. June is unsure if she is up for the challenge, but she proves to be more than ready.

After dealing with Diaz, Griselda assumes the CENTAC situation has been handled. Rivi suggests they clean house by killing anyone likely to snitch on them. On the hit list have said something against Griselda, people who had trouble with the police in the past. Rivi argues that the police could use this as an excuse to turn these people against Griselda. The list also has the names of some of their people who bought drugs from their rival suppliers. Griselda orders Rivi to handle the matter before Dario’s birthday party, which is set to take place in two weeks. Of course, Dario is sceptical that killing these people is right, but Griselda chooses to listen to Rivi.

Two weeks later, Griselda’s men have killed the people on the list, and it is time for Dario’s party. At the same time, CENTAC is shocked by Griselda’s continued killing spree. June thinks Griselda is scared and paranoid because she feels a traitor is in her house. In an ironic twist, we learn there is no informant, and Griselda is tripping. June suggests they use her paranoia to force her to make a big mistake. It is a big risk, but the team decides to hit one of Griselda’s stash houses to make her think that the informant is still alive. 

Dario’s birthday party starts well, with Griselda making a touching tribute to her husband and gifting him a golden machine gun. However, a dark shadow looms around the couple because they clearly want separate things. Soon, word gets to Griselda that CENTAC hit her stash house. June continues to make Griselda distrust those around her by looking deeper into her inner circle. She settles on approaching Carmen to see if she would betray Griselda.

As the police anticipated, this news makes her paranoid, and she calls for an urgent meeting with Rivi and Dario. She wants the informant dealt with ASAP. However, they don’t know who is the spy. They start second-guessing everyone, but Dario thinks she is overreacting. High on the list of suspects is Rafa. Griselda asks Marta who Rafa has been meeting, and the lady confirms that Rafa met with John. Marta, Rivi and Dario try to calm Griselda, but the latter remains anxious. Her paranoia doubles when Dixon gets into a fight, and she overhears Rafa and John joking about the family losing it. 

Nonetheless, the party continues. Dario asks to speak privately to Griselda and says she is killing people for nothing. Dario wants them to leave the drug scene behind and start over as a family. However, Griselda says he wants to stop her shine and asks if he is the informant. This only serves to make matters worse between the two. 

As the night rages on, Griselda drinks and sniffs more coke. She grows more suspicious of those around her, including Carmen, after Marta says the former is judgemental. Upon hearing this, Griselda orders Rivi to have Chucho tail Carmen. Rivi informs her that Chucho didn’t come to the party because he stayed home with his young family. This makes Griselda more anxious, and she starts suspecting Chucho too.

Carmen leaves the party and is surprised to find June at her front door. June offers her a deal to snitch on Griselda, but Carmen asks her to piss off. Carmen is sure the evidence June has on her is circumstantial at best and is not worried about going down. Secondly, Carmen still wants to remain loyal to Griselda.

Back at Griselda’s house, she finds Dario speaking to none of the girls, and they have a huge argument. Griselda accuses Dario of cheating on her, and he says he didn’t. He explains that they talked about how she has changed and what a lousy mother she is. Dario swears he will protect Michael from her. Upon hearing this, Griselda shoots up his car and threatens to kill him, too, but Dario is not scared. 

Griselda sets her sights on Rafa and orders him to remove his clothes, get on his knees and bark like a dog. She then points her gun at two party revellers and orders them to have sex while everyone watches. Thankfully, Carmen returns and stops her from wilding any further. Griselda has a fleeting moment of clarity and regrets her action. Carmen suggests she start a new business somewhere else and even offer Griselda her savings. Carmen thinks that Griselda has been fighting so many demons, and at some point, she turned into a monster herself. 

Griselda says she wants everything to be over. Carmen reveals she returned to the party because a cop was at her door. Griselda loses it again when she hears that June offered Carmen a deal. She turns on her friend and starts choking her. This time, Dario stops her from killing Carmen, and they talk. Dario maintains that he wants them to run away and start over. 

He is tired of all the killing and wants to protect Michael from this drug world. Griselda says she is sorry for hurting him and that it was all for nothing. However, she is not ready to let go and accuses Dario of turning soft after becoming a father. She says she can no longer trust him, hurting Dario’s feelings.

Elsewhere, Dixon and his girlfriend head to a club. A man flirts with Dixon’s girlfriends, and he causes a huge commission by opening fire. He then runs to Chucho’s house and begs him to hide the gun. However, Chucho refuses and listens to his wife’s pleas. Dixon begs more since the police are after him; Chucho punches him. 

Later that night, Dixon reports the altercation to his mom, and she is pissed. She was already suspicious of everyone, including Rivi. She orders Rivi to prove his loyalty and kill Chucho. Rivi knows that Chucho is unlikely to be the informant, but he needs to prove himself. The following morning, he trails Chucho and shoots at him in the traffic. Luckily, Chucho survives, but his son, who was in the back of the car, dies.

At first, Griselda has no idea and is happy that Chucho survived. She hears about the death of the boy from the news. Of course, her sons are sad, and Dixon sees his mom as the monster she is. The news of the child’s death hits Griselda hard. It was not part of the plan but can’t be undone. June also starts blaming herself for the death of the child. She is shocked when Carmen arrives at the police station to take her up on the offer. 

The Episode Review

This episode sheds light on Griselda’s state of mind after rising to the top. She lived her life scared that people were still out to get her. All her life, someone, especially men, took things from her, and she wanted to make sure it never happened again. The more success she got, the more she worried about those around her betraying her. 

As human beings, the worst place to live is in our own minds. It can get dark, which is the beginning of Griselda’s downfall. The paranoia got to her, and she drove Chucho, Carmen and Dario away, thanks to her actions. Of all the men we have seen Griselda with, Dario seems to love her and the kids sincerely. Listen, we ain’t saying he is a saint, just that he did his best to protect Griselda from herself.

With one chapter left, we hope to see what becomes of Griselda as she continues to unravel and what evidence Carmen will offer June. Will it be enough to get an arrest warrant for Griselda?

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