Griselda – Season 1 Episode 2 “Rich White People” Recap & Review

Rich White People

Episode 2 of Griselda starts with Dario breaking into Griselda’s house to find clues about where she might have run off. The home provides him with no clue. His boss calls up to check on the investigation and reveals that he thinks Griselda killed Alberto (his brother) because he asked her to sleep with him. He says that Griselda has too much pride, especially since she was once a prostitute. He sends her to Emilio (Griselda’s former boss) to learn more. This time, his effort bears fruit as one of the ladies who hated Griselda snitches on her.

Back in Miami, Arturo arrives with some girls, and Griselda warmly welcomes them. We learn the girls used to work at Emillio’s bar with Griselda’s friend, Isa. Isa convinced the girls to come to Miami and smuggle drugs through their bras. As soon as they arrive, Griselda takes them to a motel and the drugs are taken out of the bras and weighed. The girls brought ten kilos, and Griselda and Arturo believe they can make $250,000.

They can’t wait for the exchange to happen, but they are also anxious about Fernando finding them. Arturo is sure that Dario will find them quickly. Carmen also stops by to ask Griselda to stop using her travel agency to buy tickets for her girls. She wants no part in the drug business, even if she goes bankrupt.

Elsewhere, the police look into the killing that happened in the bar. One of the witnesses, Rosa, tells June that a woman was at the scene, and she walked like a boss, not a girlfriend, to the dealers. However, Bill argues that it is nonsense and there is no way the mafia would give a woman a seat at the table. Nonetheless, an intelligent analyst, June continues to investigate further even though her male colleagues mock her and her boss refuses to buy her theory. He asks her to focus on her job, translating and writing memos. She writes a memo stating her theory in retaliation and places a copy on each desk.

Night rolls by, and Arturo and Griselda meet with Amilcar but are surprised to see a new face. Amilcar introduces Papo, who has a fridge against Griselda for trying to steal his client. It turns out he is Amilcar’s main supplier, and he is angry that Griseld offered a better product at a cheap price. Amilcar decides to screw Griselda over and refuses to buy her product. Griselda is pissed and curses Amilcar and Papo out. Amilcar gets angry and promises to make sure no one buys Griselda’s cocaine.

This poses a problem for Griselda since she has yet to pay the girls and is stuck with no willing buyer. The girls are already getting antsy, so Isa suggests they go out to forget their troubles. While at dinner, Griselda gets the idea to sell the cocaine to the rich people at the hotel since they look bored. She later shares this idea with Arturo and asks him to get into contact with a man named German Panesso.

Griselda intends to sell the drugs without the help of Amilcar or getting into his turf. She later shares the plan with the girls, and they support her. They also want out of their lives as prostitutes, and this seems like a better opportunity for them—a chance to start a new away from their pasts back in Colombia. The plan is first to give a taste of the product through freebies and then set up her market.

Papo keeps tabs on Griselda and asks Amilcar to take care of her, but the latter refuses. He doesn’t believe a woman can cause trouble, but Papo has a different opinion. He decides he will handle the matter himself.

Concurrently, German arrives in Miami and acts all tough. He says he doesn’t want his time wasted, and Griselda asks for one night to show him her plan. Griselda and her girls throw a yacht party for the rich, giving them a good time. They introduce the new powder to the potential client, and everything runs smoothly until Papo and his man show up and cause chaos. Papo opens fire and threatens to kill Griselda. However, she dares him to kill her in front of all these witnesses. German also shows up and announces he is Griselda’s new partner and Papo panics. He ends up being chased away by the crowd. They boo him, and he cowardly ran away.

Griselda is glad her plan worked and that German is on board. The girls are also happy they have an opportunity for a new life, and Griselda is kind towards them. Lastly, Griselda convinces Carmen to join them and allows her to use the travel agency. She is sure it will be a win-win situation for them, and Carmen finally agrees.

High off the euphoria of her success, Griselda returns to the hotel to find Fernando and Dario talking to the boys. Fernando informs the boys that Griselda killed Alberto, and he wants revenge for his brother. Griselda begs him not to kill her in front of the boys. He drags her to the next room and tries to have his way with her before killing her. The motel has thin walls, and the boys hear everything. Uber tries to save her, and Fernando orders Dario to kill the boy.

Thankfully, Dario kills Fernando instead. After the shock, Griselda asks Dario to help her handle Fernando’s body and promises they will discuss what Dario can do next. Given that Dario just killed his boss, he is not only out of a job, but he can’t return to Colombia.

The Episode Review

It is interesting to see June deal with all the misogynistic responses he gets from her colleagues. These men certainly make her job hard and expect her only to be something pretty to look at. It is disgusting that this still happens in some offices even now. However, it is satisfying to see June fight back. She deserves to be on a higher rank than most of these men because she is better at her job and does it without being a douchebag.

On the other hand, Sofia did a great job portraying the fear of a mother about to die and also lose her children. She performed excellently in that scene, and we could feel Griselda’s desperation to save herself and her child. She has been through so much; sadly, her husband put her in this situation. We also look forward to knowing more about Dario. He is an assassin, but he draws the line when it comes to killing kids. In this scene, he is Griselda’s saviour, but what price will she pay for his mercy?

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