Grimsburg – Season 1 Episode 7 “Camp Slasher” Recap & Review

Camp Slasher

Episode 7 of Grimsburg unifies Flute and Harmony on Stan’s issue during summer vacations. He intends to spend as much time as he can indoors in front of various screens. However, his parents encourage Stan to be more outgoing.

When he splashes the bucket on Flute’s idea of attending Camp Grimsburg in the woods and on Harmony’s idea of spending time in the woods, they get together to change the status quo. As for the camp, the slasher is back. He terrorized the camp in the past, but this time the murders have led to the camp closing permanently.

Flute isn’t having any of it. According to him, the experiences at the camp shaped him into the person he is…for good or for worse. He convinces Chief Stamos and the others to camp in the woods and catch the slasher. Meanwhile, Harmony begins her task to familiarize Stan with nature and the outdoors by introducing him to his “grandmother.” Mind you, Harmony claims the kid is half-bear…so the grandmother is also a bear.

Given Stan’s relative estrangement with the outdoors, the experience turns out to be a torrid one. He also has trouble communicating with the grandma bear. But slowly and steadily, Stan learns how to communicate with her. He even helps her sort out issues like catching fish using basic principles of science.

The entire station spends the day slasher-proofing the place. They want to ensure that the killer cannot use any sharp objects to kill anyone else. However, during the night bonfire, the new recruits from the station are murdered in the woods. Flute and the rest of the station now investigate the murders and track down the slasher.

One by one, the slasher keeps picking off everyone from the station. First, it is Wynona, followed by Kang and Stamos. Summers runs out of charge as Flute throws his charger and all other electronic devices into a waterfall. While looking around for more clues, Flute runs into the slasher’s hiding place. Gradually, he recognizes the person and why he became like this. The slasher was bullied as a kid by Flute and his friends’ group while at camp. They called him all sorts of names like “Stinky,” which turned him into a monster.

Stinky captures everyone and is about to begin his killing session. However, Flute successfully manages to divert him. He promises Stinky that he deserves the best camp experience and before Stinky kills them all, that is the least they can give him.

However, this does not change Stinky’s plans to kill him. He brings Flute in front of all the other members from the station, bound in ropes. As Flute tries to distract the killer by engaging in a roasting battle, the detective cleverly passes on a temporary charger made out of potato to charge Summers’ batteries.

Once the “manchine” wakes up, he takes just a moment to break free and capture the killer. He turns out to be the new recruit, who is apparently into killing. In a bizarre scene, he manages to hop away as Flute takes over to talk about how he learnt a few lessons.

Harmony comes to terms with Stan’s lack of dexterity outside the house. She embraces the reality about her child while also encouraging Stan to see her side of things when he gets stuck in a tree.

The Episode Review

 This is certainly one of Grimsburg’s more sincere efforts. The show has been disappointing till now with half-cooked ideas and forced laughs. There are shades of those inherent weaknesses in Episode 7 as well but mostly, it remains afloat with a decent premise and character development.

Flute, Harmony, and Stan have hardly spent any time together after the first episode. Bringing the background plots back to the dysfunctional family may be more fruitful for the show’s aspirations.

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