Grey’s Anatomy – Season 20 Episode 7 “She Used to Be Mine” Recap & Review

She Used to Be Mine

Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 kicks off with Bailey telling the interns that the ABSITE exam is just a week away, so everyone better marks their calendars. She lays down the law, saying anyone who misses or is late for the exam will get the boot. It’s unclear if she’s serious or just pulling their leg. Bailey also tasks the interns with completing and submitting their procedure logs to Schmidt before they take the exams.

Logan is making a good recovery, and his progress is so good that he’s being moved out of the ICU, much to his delight. Bailey even gifts him his favorite comic book to keep him entertained. His uni friends swing by to visit, telling Logan how much they miss him and can’t wait for him to get back to class. But later, Logan complains that he thinks his ostomy bag is leaking.

Turns out, it’s actually fluids from the incision, a common issue when your skin sticks to part of your digestive tract. Schmitt checks him out and decides to restrict his diet and move him back to the ICU. It’s a serious situation, and there’s a chance Logan may never eat normally again.

In the middle of the episode, paramedics rush in with Gillian Mendelson and Cassandra Lewis, both involved in a car wreck. Cassandra is alright, but Gillian has sustained some injuries. Owen takes the lead and promises to give Gillian top-notch care. Little does Aaron, Gillian’s husband, know that Gillian and Cassandra are actually having an affair.

While undergoing a CT scan, Gillian talks about how she and Cassandra got caught up in their affair. She and Aaron tied the knot right after law school and had kids early on. But once the kids grew up, Gillian started feeling lonely and her marriage with Aaron lost its spark. That’s when Cassandra came into the picture and made life exciting again for Gillian.

When Aaron asks Gillian to press charges against Cassandra, Gillian snaps and confesses that she’s been having an affair with Cassandra for months. She also reveals that shouting makes her headaches vanish. During another CT scan, they discovered Gillian has Arnold-Chiari malformation, which can be triggered by whiplash.

Amelia explains they need to perform a simple operation to relieve the pressure in Gillian’s brain. Later that day, Amelia successfully corrects the malformation, and Gillian’s headaches disappear.

Over in another part of the hospital, Simone is looking after Miles Fugerson, a father who hurt his hand while moving furniture. Miles’s wife, Lauren, is pregnant and experiencing regular contractions, but they’re hoping it’s nothing serious. Simone runs some tests and discovers that Lauren is already dilated and will go into labor soon.

Things take a scary turn when Lauren starts feeling sick and has a nosebleed, followed by a serious seizure. Lauren is rushed to the operating room for the delivery, and she successfully gives birth to a healthy baby. However, Lauren starts bleeding heavily and begins to haemorrhage.

Bailey joins the operation and gets briefed by Jo on Lauren’s condition. It’s touch and go for a while, but Bailey and the team manage to stabilize her. Jo and Simone sit down with Miles and deliver the news that his baby is healthy, but Lauren’s liver has failed due to preeclampsia.

Miles is understandably devastated, but Simone asks him to stay strong and hold onto hope at the end of Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 really took us on an emotional rollercoaster, mixing tears with laughter. It had its share of funny moments but also hit hard with scenes that make you pause and reflect on life. It tells us to live to the fullest, make the right choices, and cherish every moment.

Logan was once a top student whose one wrong move landed him in the hospital. His condition has escalated to the point where he may never be able to eat or drink normally again. Then there’s Lauren, who came to the hospital expecting to get her husband’s broken wrist treated, only to find out she may never be able to hold her child.

Simone is blaming herself for what happened to Lauren, but Bailey, being a mentor and a friend reassures her that it’s not her fault. Amidst the heavy moments, there’s a light touch as we see Blue and Kwan slowly coming to terms with their feelings for each other.

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