Grey’s Anatomy – Season 20 Episode 5 “Never Felt So Alone” Recap & Review

Never Felt So Alone

Episode 5 kicks off with the doctor paging interns and getting ready for multiple traumas. The ambulance brings in several male medical students who were injured when a second-floor deck collapsed during a party. Fortunately, they only have minor injuries like cuts and bruises, but for caution, Bailey warns everyone to prepare for a long night. Another patient, Sophia Valdez, is wheeled into the ER after being impaled by a wooden beam.

Although her vitals are stable, Sophia is in a lot of pain and scared about her condition. Sadly, Sophia complains that she can’t feel her legs, so Amelia orders an immediate CT scan. The results show that the wooden beam has partially severed her spinal cord. Amelia and Owen can operate, but there’s a risk Sofia might be paralyzed from the waist down.

However, in the OR, Owen asks Amelia to do a primary repair. Amelia agrees but warns that she can’t guarantee the outcome. Even though there are some minor complications, Amelia delivers and performs a successful operation, giving Sofia a solid chance to be able to walk again. 

Trouble brews when a drunken medical student, Eddie, goes missing in the hospital. Simone is freaking out because if anything happens to him, Bailey will be furious. Simone and Kwan find Eddie on the roof, dangerously close to the edge, contemplating suicide. Simone keeps talking to Eddie, listening to his stories and pain, and thankfully, she’s able to convince him not to jump.

Ndugu is served divorce papers by his wife, who wants to end their marriage that he’s desperately trying to save. Despite his broken heart, Ndugu remains focused on his work and treats his patient, Gilbert, who is suffering from an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. Gilbert is scheduled for cardiac ablation.

Gilbert is not your typical patient; he often hires a professional hugger to comfort him when he feels uneasy. Surprisingly, Gilbert experiences heart palpitations on his way to the operating room, and Ndugu gives him a hug, calming him down. The operation is successful, and Ndugu is confident that Gilbert will wake up a different man tomorrow.

Jo freaks out when she misses her period, thinking she’s pregnant with her third kid when she’s not even halfway up her career ladder. But the pregnancy test says no baby on board. Still, Jo says to Link that she wants to have a baby with him. Meanwhile, Meredith gets the news that her son, Bailey, is rushed to the hospital for an appendectomy. Meredith is beyond mad that Nick didn’t clue her in before taking Bailey to the ER.

Thanks to Warren, Meredith jets off to Boston. Like any worried mom, she’s freaking out, but Webber tells Meredith to stay calm and relax because Bailey’s in good hands. Meredith lands in Boston and asks Nick to get out of the room, but after Warren sets her straight, she realizes she was too hard on Nick and apologizes.

Nick, being the supportive man he is, accepts Meredith’s apology, saying he is always there for her. As the episode wraps up, we’re met with a huge shocker: Simone and Lucas bury the hatchet and reunite, setting aside their differences.

The Episode Review

In Episode 5, things start to settle down for our doctors and interns. Simone and Lucas reconcile once again, sharing an emotional moment towards the end of the episode. However, Yasuda’s relationship with Helm may hit a rough patch as Yasuda discovers that Helm inadvertently caused her to miss a life-changing opportunity.

The medical industry is known for its competitiveness, so there may be serious consequences for Helm. It’s worth noting that Yasuda stopped talking to Lucas just because he didn’t correct Bailey once.

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