Grey’s Anatomy – Season 20 Episode 4 “Baby Can I Hold You” Recap & Review

Baby Can I Hold You

Episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy season 20 begins with Kwan and the other interns being questioned about their decision to operate on Sam that day. There’s a high chance that Grey Sloan is facing a massive lawsuit, so they are preparing for it. All the interns, from Kwan to Lucas, admit that if they hadn’t operated on Sam, he would have died anyway. However, Simone confesses to the lawyers that she would never have opened Sam.

Dorian wakes up in the ICU and is briefed by Ndugu and Kwan about his condition. Later, Schmitt asks Kwan to insert a subclavian line in Dorian, but during the procedure, Dorian complains of severe chest pain, and his blood pressure suddenly drops. Schmitt quickly inserts a chest tube to help reinflate his lung, and Dorian starts breathing again. Kwan admits his mistake, saying he froze up and was nervous because he imagined Maxine in his mind.

As the episode progresses, Dr. Arizona arrives at Grey Sloan Hospital to perform an in-utero brain surgery, a procedure where doctors operate on a baby’s brain before birth. This surgery is highly risky and has never been done before, with a good chance that the baby won’t survive or could suffer permanent brain damage. However, Arizona and Bailey are convinced they can pull it off.

Things get interesting when Vita, the mother, changes her mind and decides not to have the surgery anymore. She feels she can’t accept doctors poking a needle into her baby’s brain before birth. Vita asks to be discharged, which is concerning because, without the surgery, the baby may not survive. Additionally, if Vita changes her mind in the future, it might be too late. However, Vita’s husband asks Arizona to keep preparing and trying to convince Vita. 

Eventually, Vita changes her mind and agrees to the surgery. Arizona also manages to convince Bailey to allow the interns into the operating theatre. Despite some minor hiccups, the operation was successful, and everyone present in the room shed a tear of joy.

Joshy, one of Millin’s brother’s subscribers, arrives at the hospital complaining of back pain, which is later diagnosed as an abscess. However, when Millin tries to drain it, nothing comes out, so she enlists the help of Yasuda. Yasuda agrees to help if she can ask as many questions about Millin’s childhood. However, when they both fail to drain it, they call Dr. Hunt, and the issue is solved, and the duo is able to drain the pus from the abscess.

As the episode wraps up, there’s tension between Simone and Lucas because Lucas feels Simone betrayed him. Yasuda bursts in, excited that she has finished her procedure logs and can return to the OR. However, her happiness is short-lived when Bailey announces that nobody can go back in until everyone completes their procedure logs. 

The Episode Review

Episode 4 was a real tearjerker as we watched our favourite doctors perform an impossible but crucial surgery. They had to operate on a baby’s brain while it was still in the mother’s womb. When the surgery turned out to be successful, everyone was overcome with tears of joy.

Dr Arizona has also joined the show, and we would love to see her in a couple more episodes. Also, we can’t help but notice a blossoming friendship between Amelia and Beltran…

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