Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 9 (Fall Finale) Recap & Review


As with most of Grey’s Anatomy finales, whether it’s the mid-year or the end-season, we’re always offered a very shocking episode and this one is no exception. This week ended with quite a few cliffhangers too, which will make it hard to wait until the medical drama returns in the New year.

We start the episode with everyone celebrating Meredith’s return to Grey Sloan. While the interns have made her a cake, she receives a text from Cristina telling her a package will be delivered soon. In Pac-North, Webber and Owen greet Doctor Lopez as she’s there for a walk through to potentially be a new ER doctor.

Jo tells Link and Amelia that she has volunteered to help Safe Heaven, which is a charity designed to help when babies get dropped off at a fire station. As they talk, she receives a call alerting her of a new case. She heads to the fire station to pick up the baby but has a hard time dealing with it as she was also abandoned the same way when she was a baby.

The interns then start their rounds and first up is a 39 year old man there for his fourth aorta valve replacement, while Bailey sees a familiar face, Captain Herrera, who’s worried his cancer might be back. When he sees her, he asks not to tell her husband that he’s there. Meanwhile, Meredith and the interns arrive in a young patient’s room but are soon interrupted by the new chief of paediatric, Dr Cormac Hayes, who’s not happy that they started without him.

Jackson and his mum discuss their respective relationships, where she tells him she’s worried Richard may be cheating on her. She later heads to PAC North and finds out that Richard and Gemma were alone in his office, appearing to confirm her beliefs. Maggie asks Teddy to help her with surgery as she looks worried about doing the procedure by herself. During surgery, she keeps asking about the activated clotting time. She seems quite stressed throughout too and ends up taking it out on Teddy. After the latter leaves her to close, the patient’s heart fails to restart. They then decide to keep him on bypass for now and wait for a few hours. This causes her to hand in her resignation to Koracick, as she feels that she can’t trust herself anymore.

Bailey and Amelia compare their pregnancies and while Bailey is about to have her scan, Amelia reveals that she hasn’t had hers yet as she’s afraid things might go wrong, like with her previous baby. Meredith and Hayes clash as they do tests on the young girl as she decides to do a biopsy but doesn’t want to worry the girl and her mother about it. However, Hayes goes behind her back and tells them anyway. The biopsy results show that it’s not cancer but they decide to remove the lump anyway. It turns out they were right to do this as it was a gallstone.

As Bailey comes back to the captain and announces that his cancer is back, she starts to bleed and unfortunately loses her baby. Warren rushes to her side and after crying in each other’s arms, she decides that she wants to stay alone for now.

Jo calls Link over to her house to show him that she has actually decided to keep the baby, while we see that the package Cristina sent was actually Hayes, which she calls Mcwidow. Amelia has a scan and it’s revealed that she’s actually 24 weeks pregnant. This then makes her realize that Link may not be the Father. We then close the episode with the interns, Jackson, Warren and his captain, having a drink in a bar while a car crashes into it, creating devastation.

If there’s one thing we should be used to by now with Grey’s Anatomy it’s dramatic cliffhangers and plot twists. Today’s episode was as shocking as it was entertaining, delivering a really solid mid-season finale. Seeing Cristina texting Meredith is always a nice touch as the two were so close, and I loved that she called the doctor she sent over “McWidow”. This is, of course, a reference to “Mcdreamy” and a really amusing moment in an otherwise dramatic episode. Whether Meredith and the new doctor will become an item though, remains to be seen.

There’s a lot of baby talk this episode too; some happy and others very sad. Bailey losing her baby was really hard to watch but by contrast, we see Jo taking a big step by keeping the baby. But is she ready for motherhood? Amelia is going to be faced with a very complicated situation now that she has realises the baby isn’t Link’s but actually Owen’s. This is bound to make things difficult for all involved.

The final shocker of the episode is the car crashing into the bar. There are a lot of characters in the bar while this happened so all bets are off when it comes to who will be injured as a result of this accident. One thing’s for sure though, there will be a lot of impatient fans counting the days until we get our questions answered.


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