Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Grey’s Anatomy returns this week with a Halloween-orientated episode, featuring some fun moments as the Doctors get involved in the holiday spirit whilst balancing that with more poignant scenes as memories of lost ones come to the surface.

We being with Meredith spending her last day in prison while the rest of the doctors are preparing for work on Halloween. In Pacific-North, Webber and Karev are showing a group of investors around while in Grey Sloan, Bailey reveals to Amelia she’s pregnant but is worrying about all the hormones causing havoc in her life. After giving Bailey some advice, Amelia sees Link, who tells her they’ll be meeting his parents.

Avery’s patient is a little girl allergic to the sun, brought to hospital with unexplained burns on her body. As they’re quite serious, she will require surgery.

Karev gets interrupted by one of the construction workers, telling him they had to stop working as they have found bones in the ground- it turns out the hospital has been built on a graveyard. Suddenly, a lot of their patients have cardiac trouble and after investigating, Korev and Jo find out that they have all received a blood transfusion. It turns out the blood has gone bad due to the fridge malfunctioning.

Back at Grey Sloan, a teenager in a bloody Halloween costume arrives in an ambulance after being hit by a car. During surgery, Teddy talks to Bailey about how overwhelmed she’s feeling with her new family. After Koracick reassures her, they notice that the victim has more organ damage than they initially thought and do their best to patch him up.

Amelia and Link meet with his parents for lunch and things are a little awkward as Amelia acts very nervous around them. Just as they’re about to announce the pregnancy, his mother reveals that she’s planning to remarry his dad. Angry over this sudden change of heart, Link storms out but not before dropping the news about the pregnancy.

Back in prison Meredith paces around, waiting to be released as the court hasn’t sent the forms yet and worries she will not be there for her kids in time for Halloween. She speaks to her roommate who explains why she’s in prison. After bonding over a puzzle, Meredith is finally able to leave and wishes her roommate luck with her situation.

Maggie takes Zola to Deluca soon after as she has to go to work. Noticing that Zola is upset, he speaks to her and finds out that she misses her Dad. Meanwhile, Avery finds out from the little girl why she got burnt – she was worried about her new kitten and forgot to put her jacket on and went outside to look for her.

With the teen surgery now over, Teddy tells his family that despite the damage he should recover. Koracick then explains to Bailey why he doesn’t like Halloween. The year his son died they had made Star Wars costumes together but he unfortunately didn’t make it and was never able to wear them. As we cut back to Meredith, we see her arriving on time to spend Halloween with her kids. The episode then ends with Jo and Korev finally making their marriage legal and Meredith posting the bail for her new friend in prison.

Grey’s Anatomy continues with the same blend of drama, humour and touching moments as before. This episode felt a lot more focused on the character development of our players rather than the medical sides of things too but to be honest, this works really well given what we’ve seen already this season. We found out more about Link and it also offered up a more sensitive side to Koracick. The story about his son was quite sad to listen to, while Zola missing her dad on Halloween was another scene that tugged at the heartstrings.

Halloween brought us some expected fun scenes too, especially with Pacific-North being built on an old graveyard. While this did feel a little forced, the show always manage to pull these dramatic moments off skillfully and it’s partly the reason the show works as well as it does.

With Meredith now out of prison, it will be quite interesting to see what will happen next for her and if she will end up also working for the new hospital or not.


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