Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 11 Recap and Review

The Lost Ring

Grey’s Anatomy returns this week with its usual medical drama as we follow the different relationships between the surgeons. The addition of Hayes and the reference to Cristina are a nice touch while we see a more sensitive side to Koracick too. While the episode wasn’t as dramatic as the previous ones, Grey’s Anatomy advances at decent pace nonetheless.

Episode 11 of Grey’s Anatomy begins with Meredith texting Cristina about her gift and speaking to Amelia about Maggie. She later talks to DeLuca about him wanting to think things over but he ignores her question and talks about his patient instead. Meanwhile, Amelia reveals to Link that she made a mistake about how far into her pregnancy she is and believes he might not be the father. However, she tells him she doesn’t need a paternity test to know that she wants to be with him and gives him time to think.

DeLuca updates Bailey on the condition of the residents as she comes back to work and asks for help with her patient. The situation is difficult because her children just lost their father and her white blood cell count is up, prompting them to keep her in for one night and for more tests. In the ER, a young teenage swimmer starts vomiting blood, while a man brings his friend in; a fish became stuck in his throat and he accidentally closed his hand in the car door. After hearing the full story, the surgeons get ready to operate while Link and Jo discuss the possibility of him not being the father of Amelia’s baby. The surgery is a success but unfortunately his fiance comes in and breaks up with him.

Richard decides to visit Maggie after finding out she has quit. He tells her that they have hired an excellent psychologist in PAC North and suggest she come down to see her. She tells him she wants to be alone but Richard insists and wants to know why she quit. It turns out she blames herself as she believes she made a mistake.

Meanwhile, Teddy realises she lost her engagement ring and confesses this to Owen, who reassures her and helps look for it. They then rush to childcare when they find out Leo is sick and after some X-rays, they see that he actually swallowed the ring.

Meredith and Mcwidow perform a head CT on the young boy while discussing his son. They see he has an inflammation in his lungs so Hayes thinks that it might be due to vaping. As he relays the news to his friends, he discusses the treatment option with his father and Meredith. During surgery, Meredith’s way doesn’t work so they go with Hayes’ invasive treatment instead which involves losing some lung capacity. As they discuss his past, she learns that he used to work with Cristina.

During her CT exam, DeLuca’s patient starts crashing and Bailey administers an emergency procedure to save her. They find out she has fluid around her heart and needs to be tested, which means she needs to stay longer in hospital. This worries her children as they lost their father when he went to hospital. Mcwidow speaks to the father of his patient about the surgery and explains that he won’t be able to compete professionally anymore. He then feels bad as he didn’t know vaping was that dangerous.

After being persecuted all day by Koracick about her time off, Bailey snaps and tells him she took days off as she had a miscarriage. This makes him feel bad and he tells her to light a candle as it’s what his wife did when she had miscarriage. Link confronts Amelia about not telling him straight away about her doubts. She apologises and admits that she doesn’t always think things through and is sorry that she hurt him. They then decide to do a test and take it from there.

Meredith tries asking DeLuca out for dinner but he’s too stressed as he thinks his patient is dying. Instead, she decides to help him as he starts explaining the situation while Richard returns home to his wife. She asks where he’s been all day as she still doesn’t trust him, explaining they need to have a serious talk, which is where the episode ends.

Things are back to normal now in Grey Sloan after the accident. That is, as normal as it can be for Grey’s Anatomy. The episode shows a lot of strained relationships between the doctors while still dealing with some interesting medical cases. Meredith is trying to reconnect with DeLuca while she is also getting to know Hayes; he seems to be the perfect fit for her as they have a lot in common.

We also haven’t seen much of the struggling hospital and with Karev gone, hopefully it’s not the last we see of it, especially given it added another interesting spin to the drama. I’d also like to see how they’ll carry on explaining his absence, especially as Jo is still working in the hospital. The biggest secret at the moment is the identity of Amelia’s baby and if Owen is indeed the father (which I think he is), it’s bound to create some explosive scenes in the future. In the meantime though, Grey’s Anatomy offers us a less shocking episode but still relatively enjoyable nonetheless.

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