Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Two Faces of Truth

Episode 13 of Green Mothers Club starts with Luis ringing Rhea, speaking French as she reveals that she’s in Seoul right now. They meet up and embrace, with Rhea admitting that she misses him. When they head up to a hotel room together, the pair start kissing passionately.

Meanwhile, Eun-Pyo finds herself spiralling out of control, especially when she notices Jin-Ha’s picture – the one Yeong-Mi’s husband had on his computer – is being circled by the faculty.

After demanding they delete it, Eun-Pyo turns to Chun-Hui for comfort. Although she encourages Eun-Pyo to drop it, Eun-Pyo does no such thing and continues to try and fight for justice.

Eun-Pyo is invited across to a work event, with all the other professors talking and eating nice food. The attention soon turns to Eun-pyo and her interests When the conversation inevitably steers toward art, Jin-ha’s death is brought up.

Rumours circulate around the table, including how Jin-Ha was having an affair with Professor Han. Those pictures from before are circulated too, as Eun-Pyo sits uncomfortably, listening to all this.

Eun-Pyo encourages them to delete the photo, as an uneasy air descends on the dinner. After, she speaks to Luis and brings up the photos. He’s not happy and tells her to stop looking for something; what’s done is done. For Eun-Pyo though, she’s dead-set on honouring her old friend’s life.

Elsewhere, Yeong-Mi is going through a tough time of her own. After the drama involving her husband, she’s torn between whether to leave him or not. That’s something that’s made all the more difficult by her husband begging her to reconsider.

Yeong-Mi heads down to see Eun-pyo at her house, showing her audio proof of what she believes to be Jin-Ha stalking her husband. Eun-Pyo refuses to listen though, especially when Yeong-Mi points out that she doesn’t know anything about her old friend. Yeong-Mi also goes on to claim her husband is a victim in all this (really?) and leaves.

Jin-Ha’s housekeeper ends up finding a note stashed away in the house and audibly gasps when she finds it. We don’t see much of this, instead we’re straight across to Chun-Hui who’s tipped off about her husband asking for money so Ju-Seok can get back to betting. When she phones him at the clinic, Chun-Hui looks set to go absolutely ballistic… until she’s called away by Eun-Pyo.

These pictures are a big talking point this episode, and it’s eventually spread across to the whole neighbourhood of mums, despite Eun-Pyo’s best intentions of stopping it.

This news overshadows Geon-U’s big unveiling of a movie production, which starts to make the rounds on news channels. Geon-U visits Luis next, claiming that he lied about having an affair after all. He never actually slept with Jin-Ha. However, she was stalking him, and that much is apparently true.

Luis slams his drink down and tells Geon-U not to go to the police with this. He’s rattled after this encounter and when he heads home, angrily charges into his study and shuts the door.

At school, in front of all the other students, Eun-Pyo finds Yeong-Mi talking about the photos. After she explicitly stated not to, Eun-pyo is understandably angry and the pair leave to hash out their problems.

All the other mums, naturally, decide to message about this. Outside, Yeong-Mi calls out Eun-Pyo’s hypocrisy for standing up for Jin-Ha, given she actually has audio evidence from Geum-u that Jin-Ha planned to take Luis away from her, crushing Eun-Pyo at the height of her glory.

The Episode Review

Remember what I said last week about Green Mothers Club changing tones and jumping back and forth between different ideas? Well, this episode exemplifies that beautifully.

Last episode was all about the kids and seeing Dong-Seok’s plight. Not only that but the balance between the mums and the kids was better, despite the drama not really being all that endearing – or painting Eun-Pyo in a very favourable light.

This time though, the kids get around 5 minutes of screen-time, as the rest of the episode focuses on Eun-Pyo running around like a headless chicken, trying in vain to stop photos from being spread. It’s a pretty lackadaisical way of plotting and there really isn’t a whole lot to sink your teeth into.

It’s starting to become obvious that Rhea is a twin of Jin-Ha’s and married Luis in secret, and if there are twins, then the photos could be Rhea rather than Jin-Ha, keeping the latter’s memory intact.

Either way though, we’ve got 3 more episodes to go and this one is, sadly, going the same way as Thirty Nine, slipping into forgettable mediocrity.

Next Episode

Next Episode

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