Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Dark” Recap & Review


The Final Battle

The finale to Green Frontier begins with Yua, Rey and his people getting ready for the battle to come. Meanwhile, Helena is taken by the Ya’rakawis to the lab where she’s sedated, but not before sending a bird from the jungle to find Yua.

Yua and the people from the Nai community make their way through the jungle and meet with warriors from the Mananuc tribe (Ushe’s tribe). They tell them that they will fight with them because Yua helped Ushe and the tribe many years ago.

The battle starts and, despite casualties on both sides, the Nai and Mananuc gain the upper-hand. Yua battles the white man in a mask and manages to slice his throat. Unfortunately, removing his mask reveals another man and not Joseph.

While Helena looks at all the doctor’s research, Joseph appears and tells her that in the scared place, time, space and energy are the same thing and that it could be used to change the past. He wants to use it to change the world and improve the human race. He then hooks himself up to the machine but to Helena and not the heart this time, pumping her blood through his veins.

They both reach the sacred astral plane and darkness descends on the jungle. He tells her he wants to control the place but she refuses, fighting him off by pulling his energy into her. The episode then ends with Helena crying black tears in what appears to be a club with music and lights flashing before Joseph appears in front of her.

The ending of Green Frontier is a bit of a strange one. It does leave you thinking about its meaning and certainly leaves some questions unanswered. Has Helena defeated the doctor and where are they now? Are they on another plane of existence?

Green Frontier has been a decent drama mystery series with good acting and stunning imagery. The story behind the tribes and their connection with the jungle has been skillfully depicted and it certainly has been eye opening as we often don’t think about thse uncontacted tribes and their potential dangers.

Despite the questionable ending that felt a little rushed, Green Frontier remains a series with enough tense and supernatural moments to make it worth checking out.


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3 thoughts on “Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Dark” Recap & Review”

  1. As a South American, I loved this series with its vivid portrayal of the Amazon – you could almost feel the humidity and smell that unique smell of the jungle; you could certainly hear the sounds of the insects and birds, it was like being transported to that time and place.

    The actors ,especially Yua and Ushe were mesmerizing and the story line was unusual. I am tired of banal, predictable shows which seem to follow a few well trodden story lines. Green Frontier was anything but predictable. Its meshing of present day, logical police work with tribal mysticism was unique and interesting.

    However, I have to agree that the ending left me feeling confused and let down. After we had invested so much time in getting to understand these characters and their stories, to end in a disco with insane strobe lights seemed a massive slap in the face to the audience. Maybe it was meant to be an artistic counterpoint to the slow panning shots of the jungle, but the lack of resolution of the key issues – what really happened to Helena and Joseph is left unresolved and the viewer walks away with a sense of frustration and confusion – which is why I am searching the internet to see if anyone had a better idea of what that last scene meant. I really wish the movie maker would re-do that last scene to give us some resolution, or at least leave write an epilogue to explain what it was supposed to mean.

  2. I don’t think Joseph was in front of her, Joseph became a part of her (light/dark). The flashing images showing Helena and Joseph were both within Helena now.

  3. I am in complete agreement. It was a carefully crafted series: interesting characters, well written, well acted, beautifully shot, but with an uncertain, disappointing ending. The creators seem to have enjoyed creating ambiguity as to both plot and moral purpose, but that doesn’t make for as satisfying story telling at the end as the series was as a whole. I am reminded of George Romero – a great story teller, but really, couldn’t his protagonists just defeat the zombies in the end once.

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