Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Light” Recap & Review

Penultimate Power

Episode 7 of Green Frontier begins with Ushe healing people in a different tribe. Suddenly, she feels something and starts running towards it. The four sisters follow her through the jungle and it’s here that we see how they all died. Ushe gets caught by the Ya’rakawis and we see Joseph with them, wearing the same kind of mask.
Yua discovers the bodies of the sisters and as he touches the tree roots using his powers, we cut to Helena arriving in the helicopter, feeling something in her burn scars.

In the present, Yua, Helena and Reynaldo take Ushe’s body to perform a ritual with the help of her sisters and other tribe members while Helena has a memory of herself as a child with her mum and Ushe. She calls herself a “cachicamo” which is the same word she heard in the jungle when she was having visions of Ushe. Helena also seems to have some deep connection with her as they communicate with their minds. One day, as they play hide and seek in the jungle, Helena comes across a man with a mask (Joseph) hooked up to a tree with a catheter.

In the present, an eclipse occurs and Yua explains that Ushe is returning to the depths of the jungle. Meanwhile, Joseph crosses over to the mystic dimension where Ushe tells him that he has lost the key.

Helena has another memory soon after but of the fire this time. We see that her mum got killed by an arrow while trying to save her daughter and Ushe took her away where they both managed to turn invisible using the jungle to escape the men with masks. It’s here that we see Helena also has special powers connected to the jungle.

In the hospital, Ushe tells Joaquim that he has to leave the jungle because the white demon is after Helena as she’s the key and the door to the sacred place (the other dimension).

In the present, Yua warns Helena and Reynaldo that Joseph will be coming as he wants to control men. While Joseph motivates his tribe to go to war with the eternals, Rey goes back to his community to convince them to join forces. His grandfather is not well so Yua goes in to help him. Yua then makes a concoction and recites some words while Helena wanders around in the jungle. Unfortunately, as she kneels to touch a glowing root she gets bitten by a poisonous snake.

She then comes across a strange obelisk with a swastika on it. However, she becomes more and more ill as the poison flows through her veins. She falls down a cliff and lands in the water. As she surfaces, she touches a root and she finds herself in the sacred place which is where she sees Ushe. She tells her she has been waiting for her and that she’s the key and the door. She also tells her to let Joseph in as it will be the only place she can defeat him.

The penultimate episode of Green Frontier delivers another good twist with the revelation that Helena has deep connections with Ushe and the jungle but also boasting some supernatural powers herself. It’s fair to assume she must have been repressing those ever since the fire.

Seeing the relationship between her and Ushe, as well as reuniting in the sacred place, was a really nice touch too and we can also guess that the beating heart from the lab is probably from Ushe, showing just how crazy and obsessed Joseph is with eternal life. After all, he is a Nazi and they were forever trying to create the perfect race.

With the fight between good and evil just around the corner, it promises to be a tense one but only time will tell how this one will play out.


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